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The ULTIMATE List of Gift Ideas for Kids who LOVE Star Wars!

If your kids are as obsessed with Star Wars as mine, they you definitely want to save this list.  From big gifts to ideas for small and inexpensive star wars presents, there is something for every little Star Wars lover (and maybe even the big ones too!)

This list is amazing! If your kid loves Star Wars it has EVERY gift idea you would ever need!  They even found educational Star Wars toys!  Saving for reference!

Affiliate link disclosure I have two very busy little boys and one super active daughter and if there is one thing I know in life, it is that they are OBSESSED with Star Wars.  Some of their favorite toys from Christmas last year were Star Wars toys and so I went on the hunt to find the best and most fun Star Wars toys for all ages!  If you are looking for a birthday or Christmas gift or anything in between for a kid that loves Star Wars you are in the right place!

I broke the list down into categories to offer several different options on what you might be looking for.  There are things that are big gifts and pretty expensive, down to very cool but still really inexpensive gifts perfect for a smaller present or even stocking stuffer.  Old kids, young kids, preschool, even babies and those that are just still a kid at heart will find something here to fall in love with!

These classic star wars gifts are sure to be a HUGE hit!  Over 50 ideas for Star Wars themed presents for birthdays or Christmas!

Star Wars Classics

1.  Light Saber–  Every Jedi needs to have his light saber ready for battle.  You can find them in any color, blue for Jedi, red for the Dark Side, or just another favorite inbetween.  I also especially like this Luke Skywalker Ultimate FX Light Saber because not only does it do the lights and sounds with motion, but you can get additional light sabers and connect them to create custom and very over the top creations that my little guy is ga ga over.  The light saber pretty much won Christmas at our house last year, so if you get one Star Wars toy make sure it is this!

2.  Darth Vader Helmet–  If you have a Vader lover then you will love this!  This helmet not only makes them look like Darth Vader but uses a voice changer to make them sound like the dark side too!

3.  Star Wars Lego Set–  The mother of all Star Wars Lego sets is probably this Death Star. My little guy saw it two years ago at the Lego store and it started his infatuation with Star Wars at only 3 years old!  That one is definitely pricey but the good news is there are many more Star Wars themed lego kits that are awesome and also much more affordable like this Darth Vader set, the Jedi Interceptor and the AT-AT building toy.  They even have all of the Star Wars characters available as Lego people!

4. Star Wars Themed Games–  No matter what your game playing style and skill level is, there is a Star Wars version waiting on you!  You can find Star Wars themed Monopoly, Sorry, Battle Ship, Risk, and Trouble to name a few!  My kids favorite has to be Star Wars Guess Who though!  They love that game!

5. Star Wars Command Star Destroyer Set–   This fun set comes with a good assortment of character figurines as well as a remote-controlled Star Destroyer vehicle that launches energy destroyer balls for extra fun.  As far as play sets go this is a great option!

6.  Yoda Stuffed Animal–  If any of the Star Wars Characters were made to be a stuffed animal it would definitely be Yoda.  And this pillowy pal is fashioned right after him!

7.  Star Wars Video Games– If you have video game lovers then the Star Wars selection will not disappoint! You can find a variety of games for every console out there, no matter if you have a Wii, a Play Station, an XBox, or DS.

8.  Star Trooper Nerf Gun–  I had to hide my computer from my little guy when this came up on the screen.  For a rowdy boy this is pretty much the pinnacle of perfection as far as gifts go!  A little Star Wars and a little Nerf.  A match made in heaven in his book!

A HUGE list of Star Wars themed gifts! These are super affordable and perfect for stocking stuffers!

Small Star Wars Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

1.  Star Wars Figurines–  There are a plethora of options when it comes to figurines out there.  They are great for imaginative play and are the perfect size and price point for a small gift or to slide right into a stocking.

2.  Star Wars Wall Decals–  These wall decals are really fun, inexpensive and removable!  They are a great way to let your kid decorate their own room but not make any permanent commitments!  It would be fun to see which decals are their favorite and where they want to put each one.

3.  Star Wars Band-aids–  My mother-in-law always puts a fun package of bandaids in each grand kid’s stocking each year for Chistmas and I think it is the best idea!  It is part fun and part practical and with 3 little ones over here we always need band-aids!

4.  R2D2 Water Bottle– This R2-D2 water bottle has to be one of the most adorable things I have ever seen!  My son actually saw this at Target while we we were back to school shopping and begged for it.  Being the mean mom on a budget that I am, I said no, but have been thinking about getting it for a Christmas gift.  It looked very well made and something that he could really get a lot of use out of so I think it is going on the list!

5.  Star Wars Playing Cards– Playing cards are a classic and perfect to fill a stocking right up.  This pack comes with 3 decks that are themed from the movies!

6. Star Wars Talking Key Chain – This little guy can fit right in your pocket and gives you 6 classic sounds and quotes from the movies. So fun to have all of the Star Wars Sound effects in the palm of your hand!

7. Inkworks Star Wars The Force Awakens Projector Pen– Just because a gift is small doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome… and this pen is AWESOME!  Not only is it a fully functional pen, but when the cap is depressed it projects a star wars image on the wall!

I am so impressed! This list of Star Wars Gift ideas has EVERYTHING!  There are even some great educational gift ideas.  Who knew?!  My kids will love this!

Educational Star Wars Gift Ideas

1.  Jedi Force Levitator–  This looks super cool and something older kids would really get a kick out of! The gist is that you use real electrical charges to magically suspend and move objects in mid-air using an invisible, electrostatic force.  It gets good reviews and is recommended for kid from 6-15 years old.

2.  Light Saber Crystal Growing Lab–  This is a super fun science experiment that let’s your kid grow their own light saber crystal.  Everything you need is in the kit and easy to use.  The base lights up with blue Jedi and red Sith light effects so you can choose the light color from your side of the Force – blue for Jedi or red for the Dark Side!  This is recommended for kids 8 year old and up.

3.  Force Lightening Energy Ball– This is a real, light-up plasma energy ball!  The plasma energy streams directly to your fingertips whenever you touch it.  You can try different experiments like transferring the plasma energy to light up a fluorescent light and the images on the base from memorable Force Lightning movie moments.

4.  Death Star Planetarium– Is any Star War’s lovers life really complete with out a tabletop death star planetarium?  This thing not only projects  planets from the Star Wars galaxy, it also projects stars from the Earth’s night sky and even comes with a science learning poster to help your kid learn about it all!

5.  Falcon UV Light Laser –  Create glowing, phosphorescent Star Wars images on your walls, before they magically disappear! This top can release UV light to charge and create a glowing battle scene or drawing or shoot UV light blasts at Imperial Ships using the Millennium Falcon Light Blaster with realistic sound effects. There is no question that this would keep the kids occupied for a few hours!

7.  Anti Gravity Balls– These super high bounce balls “defy” gravity they bounce so high!  They come in different sets so you can get your favorite Star Wars characters and are great fun even for littler kids.

I love to gift books for birthday presents because you can never have too many books!  Love this list of Star Wars themed books! Perfect for Christmas this year!Star Wars Books

1.  Search and Find Star Wars Book–  These are perfect for ages 3 to 10.  Pretty much all kids at almost any age really enjoy these books and it is one way I know I can keep my son occupied for at least 30 minutes to an hour.  They are especially great for kids who can’t quite read yet because they can do this book all by themselves.

2.  Star Wars Character Encyclopedia–  If you have kids that are in to ALL THE DETAILS then this book is for you.  It will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about any and every Star Wars character.

3. Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know: Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens– This is the ultimate guide to the new movie and perfect for kids in 3rd grade through 7th grade.  

4. World of Reading Star Wars Escape from Darth Vader: Level 1 –  This is a perfect Star Wars book for new readers and specifically written for kindergarten through 3rd grade.

5.  Star Wars Little Golden Book Collection–  These are great story books to share with your kids.  Little  Golden books are classics and I still have ones that I had when I was a kid so I have no doubt these would become heirloom pieces for us too!

6.  Vader’s Little Princess– This is a book that every dad and daughter should be able to relate to.  It is an adorable story of Vader—Sith Lord and leader of the Galactic Empire— who now faces the trials, joys, and mood swings of raising his daughter Leia as she grows from a sweet little girl into a rebellious teenager.

7.  Darth Vader and Son – This one is for the boys! What if Darth Vader took an active role in raising his son? What if “Luke, I am your father” was just a stern admonishment from an annoyed dad? In this hilarious and sweet comic reimagining, Darth Vader is a dad like any other—except with all the baggage of being the Dark Lord of the Sith.

8. Goodnight Darth Vader– This is a cute and funny read perfect for a bedtime story as Darth Vader tries to get his twins (Luke and Leia) to bed by making up bedtime stories!

My kids love to play dress up!  I am adding Star Wars costumes to my Christmas list this year!Star Wars Costumes

1.  Darth Vader Costume–  Sometimes you just need to embrace the Dark Side, so keep this handy for when those moments strike.

2. Luke Skywalker Costume–  If your kiddo loves to be the good guy then

3. Princess Leia Costume–  Calling all sisters and moms!  We can’t leave out one of the Stars of the show!

4.  Yoda Costume–  If your kid is wise beyond their years, then this might be the perfect costume for them.

5.  Storm Trooper Costume–  Star Wars just wouldn’t be Star Wars without these iconic guys!

6. R2D2 Costume–  Even the littlest ones can get in on the Star Wars fun with this crazy adorable R2-D2 costume!

Star Wars isn't just for boys!  I love this list of Star Wars gifts just for girls!  Getting my daughter these for Christmas!Star Wars Gifts for Girls

1.  Vader’s Little Princess– This is a book that every dad and daughter should be able to relate to.  It is an adorable story of Vader—Sith Lord and leader of the Galactic Empire— who now faces the trials, joys, and mood swings of raising his daughter Leia as she grows from a sweet little girl into a rebellious teenager.

2.  Pink Light Saber–  This has all the power and is pink to boot!  Your little princess will give any boy a run for their money with a pink light saber.

3.  Wall Decal– The FORCE is Strong With This One pink removable wall decal is perfect to decorate the room of any Star Wars loving princess!

4. R2-D2 Beanie–  When it is cold outside and you have to pile on the clothes, you can still show your love of Star Wars by keeping your head warm with this too cute R2-D2 beanie.

5. Girls Darth Vadar Shirt–  Pink and Darth Vader go together like peanut butter and…. Well you know.  This pink Darth Vader Shirt shows that even Darth has a feminine side :)

6. Girls Darth Vader Watch–  This Star Wars watch is a really cute accessory that makes sure your force is always strong, and you are always on time!

7. Yoda Hair Bow set–  If this isn’t the cutest thing I ever did see!!  I love these little Yoda hair bows so much!

Oh my goodness!  How stinking cute is that?  A Darth Vader Mr Potato head!  This is the most fun list of baby gift ideas!

Star Wars Gifts for Baby, toddlers and preschoolers

1.  Star Wars Bath Toys–  Start them young with these fun Star Wars bath toys.  I am sure they will think bath time is the best!

2.  Star Wars Mr. Potato Head–  Now this is really awesome people!!!!  You are going to die over how cute this Star Wars Mr Potato Head is, and it comes in a few different varieties.

3. Jedi Telescope – Use this as a real telescope or switch the mode to view scenes from Star Wars when you pier though it.  It is super fun addition for imaginative play!

4.  Star Wars Little Golden Book Collection–  These are great story books to share with your kids.  Little  Golden books are classics and I still have ones that I had when I was a kid so I have no doubt these would become heirloom pieces for us too!

5.  Playskool Heroes Star Wars Galactic Heroes Millennium Falcon and Figures– This is one of the highest rated Star Wars toys for smaller children and is a great play set with some the favorite character action figures and a Millennium Falcon vehicle.

 6.  Star Wars Night Light–  You don’t have to be scared of the Dark Side, when you have this fun Star Wars night light to light the way!

7.  Baby Jedi On Board-  Forget the cheesy “Baby on Board” tag for your car!  This Baby Jedi on Board will really have people paying attention!

If that wasn’t enough, check out this list especially made on Star Wars toys just for Pre-Schoolers by my friend Carrie!  I think we might be getting the phonics set she shares!  Love it!

Well this ended up to be quite the list!  I hope that you found a few things perfect for your kids! I know my Christmas shopping (and birthday and probably ever little thing in between too!) is now finished and I can’t wait to see their faces when they open these gifts!  If you know a Star Wars item that your kid loved perfect for a birthday or christmas present I missed, please leave me a comment and let me know!  I would love to hear what other things kids love to play with!

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