Thick & Chewy Cookie Recipes

A collection of soft, thick and chewy cookie recipes from The Pinning Mama.

The Thickest & Chewiest Cookies in the WORLD! This Thick and Chewy Cookie Recipe Collection is the real deal!

It all started with the search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie.  I kind of love cookies and admittedly, it was an obsession.  Thin cookies just weren’t my thing.  When I went to bakeries I could get nice thick, rich, chewy cookies but at home it seemed that my cookies would go flat or just wouldn’t be big, thick and perfect like the ones I found in the bakery.

As with many crazy adventures I have done before, it all started with, “Well, if it can be done, then I am going to do it.”  And the research began.  I scoured the internet.  I watched documentaries (Alton Brown’s cookie episode was one of my favorites) and read books!  Most importantly, I made about 3.2 million batches of cookies.

I altered ingredients.

I tried different measurements.

I probably consumed a billion pounds of butter. Good thing I love butter.

And in the end I did it.  A recipe for cookies that were always THICK.  Always chewy.   Always delicious.

Although, as with most things, there is more than one way to skin a cat.  I found a few different ways to make the cookie turn out thicker.  The way that I found to be most fool proof though was upping the ratio on the flour content.  It does make a bit more dense cookie, but for me, when cooked to perfection, these cookies are THE BEST COOKIE on the planet.

It all started with the perfect Thick & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie, and since then, I have been working my way through each of my favorites, experimenting and modifying until I get it just right.  Then of course, I share it here with YOU!

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