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10+ Simple Things Kids Can Help Clean

If you have kids, then chances are you have lots of messes too!  We have been working really hard over the past year on getting our kids to pitch in and help with the clean up.  These simple tools make it easy for even the littlest to be able to contribute when it is time to clean up.

Cool products that even little kids can use to help them learn to clean! We are big into responsibilities at our house and these really help them learn age appropriate chores.


The Swiffer Sweeper Vac is a genius tool no matter who you are! But for a kid it is even more fun! My little one’s love to push things around just like mommy does and this is no different. It is fun for them, light enough for them to be able to easily maneuver, and does a helps picking up the messes they make!  It isn’t perfect, but I love that they can do it themselves.  It works so much better than sweeping since the suction doesn’t allow them to throw it around like you can with just a broom, so it can help them learn to do it this task even when they are a little younger.

10+ Simple Things to Help Kids Clean: Swiffer Sweep Vac -

Swiffer Dusters are easy to use, so easy even your kiddos can do it! Have them go after the blinds and under the couch. Their small arms will be able to reach those places that you can’t and they will have fun using the wand!  This is super light for even little hands.  My two year old can even help with this task.  I also love that the Swiffer duster helps the dust to cling to the fibers so that it stays in the duster instead of getting shaken out into the air.

10+ Simple Things to Help Kids Clean: Swiffer Duster -

Here is another fun thing for the kiddos to push around the house. The Swiffer Sweep and Trap picks up crumbs and is also a great prop for a cleaning dance party! It is a win win for everyone!  This one is another one that is really great to keep on hand when your kids are younger.  My five year old does really great with ours!

10+ Simple Things to Help Kids Clean: Swiffer Sweep and Trap -

These Disinfecting Wipes  are quick and easy to use and they will take care of a sticky messy lickity split!  It is easy to give helping hands one and put them in charge of an area to clean side by side.  We especially love doing this in the bathroom!

10+ Simple Things to Help Kids Clean: Disinfecting Wipes -

I remember growing up I always thought the Dust Buster/Hand Held Vac was the absolute coolest thing! It just felt like I was super cool going around the house and sucking up dirt! Maybe that makes me a little crazy but hey if it makes your kiddo feel awesome why not put one in their hands and let them go to town on those dust bunnies!

10+ Simple Things to Help Kids Clean: Handheld Vac-

This Dishwand Soap Dispenser  is my secret weapon in the bathtub! I fill it with a combo of vinegar and dishsoap and at the end of the bath I let them clean the tub with it.  Not only do they love doing it so much they now fight over who get it first, but I haven’t seen a ring around the tub since it came to be part of our bathtub routine.

10+ Simple Things to Help Kids Clean: Dishwand Soap Dispenser -

You would never want your little person sticking their hands in a toilet. But with the Clorox Toilet Wand they don’t have to get their hands anywhere near the toilet bowl! The long wand provides enough separation for the kiddos to be able to actually clean this super yucky area! And any day I don’t have to clean a toilet is a good day.  I think my favorite thing about these though, are that at the end of the clean you just throw the yucky part away.

10+ Simple Things to Help Kids Clean: Clorox Toilet Wand -

If only I had though to this! What a brilliant idea! The Toy Vacuum with Real Suction will have even the smallest of your kids pitching in on the chores! I know so many kiddos who think this is the best thing since sliced bread! It is simply brilliant!

10+ Simple Things to Help Kids Clean: Toy Vacuum with Real Suction -

Ok so even with the wands and tools there are bound to be some jobs that have your kiddo getting their hands dirty. These Disposable Gloves are perfect for those dirty jobs! They are easy to use and the kiddos will think they are something special pulling these on!

10+ Simple Things to Help Kids Clean: Disposable Gloves -

Hardwood floors are beautiful but they really suck when it comes to cleaning! This Dust Mop will let you pass the chore of daily wood floor dusting onto your little one! They seriously love to push stuff around the floor, and this dust mop is no different.

10+ Simple Things to Help Kids Clean: Dust Mop -

Keep everything labeled with these Chalkboard Labels. Kids will always know where things go when they help label bins and baskets with these handy reusable labels!  You can even use them on dresser drawers with pictures to help even those that aren’t yet readers know where to put up their clothes.

10+ Simple Things to Help Kids Clean: Chalkboard Labels -

Microfiber Cloth and Spray Bottle are possibly the most simple and most fun option! Let them go to town spraying water and wiping it up with these micro cloths!

10+ Simple Things to Help Kids Clean: Spray Bottle - 10+ Simple Things to Help Kids Clean: Microfiber Cloth -

How do you add your kiddos to the cleaning routine in your house? Let me know in the comments.

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