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{Treat} Personalized Greeting Cards + Promo Code

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Most days I think I do a pretty good job of things.  I mean I have my days, and I have things I am better at and worse at but in general I seem to keep the house, my kids, myself all running along nicely.  The one thing that I fail at miserably though {I am so ashamed to admit this} is remembering birthdays and holidays outside my husband and kids.  I kinda feel like I get an F- as a daughter, sister, aunt, friend in this regard.  I hate this because I LOVE to celebrate and I love even more to celebrate those I love.  I kind of have a lot of guilt over this.  Today is my day though, because I found, a sweet new way to remember loved ones by sending greeting cards, online or off.

 photo Treat_zps832edd2c.png allows you to find and create cards for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, holidays or any day!  From your computer or even your iPhone you can personalize with your own pictures, your own text and have them delivered electronically, or even better… printed and mailed straight to their door.  You can even have them sent to you so you can add a handwritten note before you deliver. Plus, on any card you are able to add  personalized Photo Gifts or a gift card. 

You can do this anytime or if you are like me, and are not so good at remembering… you can use their scheduling tool to either send you reminders or you can design, personalize, and schedule them to be sent up to a year in advance.  Are you thinking what I am thinking? I will never miss a special day again, guilt be-gone!

Treat Easy Online Greeting Cards

I was so excited about this that I thought I would kick it off by designing a few Valentine’s Day Cards.  Let me give you a peek at what I made:

My first card is for my husbands parents.  Since they are far and don’t see the kids much, I wanted big pictures!  It was easy to do.  I chose the category for Grandparents, then picked my design and edited the text.  I uploaded my pictures {aren’t they so cute and perfect for Valentine’s Day?!}  and chose the one I wanted to add.  They even give you several options for adding effects to the pictures.  Repeat with the inside and back and voila!

Treat Easy Online Greeting Cards

Of course both sets of grandparents need to get a card so next was a card for my parents.  They like a lot of pictures so I picked one that gave me an option so showcase a lot of them!

Treat will mail the perfect greeting card for you

Oh so cute!!!  The designs are adorable, from trendy to classic – and there are so many clever messages to add to your card.  They have a whole library to choose from.

Next up is Daddy.. or my husband to be exact.  The other cards are perfect to mail, but an e-card arriving in the inbox for Daddy on Valentine’s Day would be a really fun and unexpected surprise.  I let me 3 year old son help me with this one.  He loved the bright colors which is why I think he picked this one.  Then he helped me fill out the message… isn’t he sweet?!

Treat sale and promo code for greeting cards

My little guy loved helping so much he wanted to help do the rest.  Next up was his cousins we picked out another bright and fun card that had the perfect sentiment for the distance that separates us.

Treat Online GreetingCards from your computer or iPhone

Micah got to pick the last one all by himself and he wanted to send a card to Mrs. Campbell, one of his teachers.  This is the perfect card to get sent straight to us so he can sign it and hand deliver.

Treat Online Greeting Cards

Cute, easy, schedulable, and best of all… on sale NOW!  Use the promo code SENDMORELOVE at checkout to get 3 cards for only $6.  You can mail all 3 to yourself for free or directly to each of your recipients for just the price of a stamp.   Pretty awesome!  Once you order your card, post a pic on Instagram with the #SendMoreLove hastag, or search it to see what others have sent!  Oh and one last thing… Make sure to order your cards by 11am Pacific on 2/10/14 to get it in time for Valentine’s Day.

So tell me… who would be the perfect loved one for you to send a card to?

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Offer expires 2/28/2014 at 11:59 pm (PT). Enjoy three (3) greeting cards for $6 using code SENDMORELOVE at checkout. Customer must be a first-time Treat customer and credit card information is required for validation. Postage and tax may apply. This offer is valid for one transaction only and any quantity not used in the transaction will be forfeited. Offer applies exclusively to greeting cards and is not applicable to gifts, gift cards, Treat Card Club packs, previously placed orders, taxes or postage fees. Offer is only valid on and cannot be used on the Treat Cards for iPhone app or partner websites. To prevent fraud or abuse, we reserve the right to discontinue or modify this offer or cancel any order.

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    I love the scheduling feature of this website. I try to sit down at the beginning of the year and schedule out things like this for several months at least. Your cards are really cute.

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    This seems like a service I would love to use. I have never heard of it but I love sending personalized cards and this will work for me. You did a great job and I love the pictures of your little ones. They are adorable.

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    How freaking awesome is this website?! I am notorious for forgetting to send out cards and do all that kind of stuff, but this makes it really easy. I will totally be utilizing this website and very soon!

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      So glad to introduce you Lori! Treat is pretty awesome. I know it will help me be much more organized about remembering all the events I need to send cards for!

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    These cards are SO unique and creative. And I’m intrigued that they’re connected to Shutterfly. I use Shutterfly to make all my photo books. Looking forward to checking Treat out!

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    These cards are such a cute idea! I’ve never heard of Treat before, so this is a great new resource for me! Thank you for introducing me to them and I cannot wait to try them out! :)

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