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Weekly News Roundup

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Another week down! Between a sassy 2 1/2 year old and a sick little buddy, this has been a rough week in my household. I am so happy that its Friday. Not that I really have a break over the weekend since my job is being a mom, but my husband will be home to help keep me from losing it. :)

I feel like there wasn’t a whole lot that happened this week other than Obama’s March Madness bracket being all over my facebook newsfeed. Here’s what I found interesting in the news….

news, news roundup, news worthy, world news, celebrity, newsworthy, weekly news

  • The Great Allergy Debate: It’s no mystery that allergies in kids have skyrocketed over the past few years. One has to wonder why – is it because of the extra hormones that are injected into basically everything we eat? Is it because we have been told to delay these common foods that cause reactions? I just can’t believe that my child won’t be able to bring a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in her lunchbox. Those are a staple in a kids lunch! I can’t imagine the fear that parents must have everyday if their child has bad allergies. Health Today has a great article about allergies.  With my daughter I gave her eggs around 9 months and some of my tuna salad around 10 months. Our pediatrician said if there arent known allergies in the family that it was ok to go ahead and have her try these foods. I did hold off on peanut butter until about 11 months. Honey was a different story. I wouldnt give her graham crackers or anything with honey until 1.5, I think. The whole botulism thing freaks me out.
  • Have you heard of oral immunotherapy for food allergies? It’s basically desensitizing your body to the food that you are allergic to. The Doctors were very careful in their wording, but the way I take it, you’re basically cured! The Today Show did a segment on this. It’s kind of unbelievable and awesome. It literally changes peoples lives. Tessa Grosso is the first child to successfully complete this clinical trial.  Spilled milk alone could have killed Tessa! Tessa is darling. Read about here story here.
  • Obama visits Israel: As rockets are raining down on Israel, Obama is there talking about peace. Is it possible to have peace with the Palestinians? Here’s what has been going on.
  • Child Abduction (almost): This article shook me because it is in Henderson, Nevada which is only about 20 minutes South of us. Child abductions obviously hit home since I have two littles of my own. It’s a horrible thing, but it happens. Other than placing your child in a bubble, there isn’t much you can do except educate your child on NOT talking to strangers and teaching them what to do if something terrible were to happen.  I was even more taken aback when my husband came home telling me this exact story because a friend at work was actually at the soccer field when it happened. The onlookers thought the little girl was just being disciplined by her dad because she was kicking. Thank God they finally realized that is not what was happening. This article describes what happened- it has a happy ending and yes, the man was caught a day later. I’m mainly sharing this because it has some great tips on educating your little ones. Please take a minute to read them!
  • “Huffing” This “huffing” that kids are doing is getting out of control. A 14 year old girls  life ended because of it.
  • Bump Watch: Is Kate Middleton not the cutest thing ever? Seeing her pregnant little bump kind of makes me wish I was pregnant again. Just a teeeeeeny tiny bit.
  • Obama’s March Madness Bracket: All I can say is that I hope he’s wrong! Please be wrong! Here’s his bracket on the White House Blog.
  • Casey Anthony: Apparently the little *beeeeeep* is bankrupt and trying to sell her story. Ugh. Here’s my question – what exactly does Tot Mom want to tell? Is she going to tell us how she weaseled her way out of her beautiful baby girl’s murder trial? Scum. She’s just scum. Apparently “The trustee overseeing Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy plans to sell the rights to her story, a new court filing states, and one person has already offered $10,000 — in the hopes of preventing her from profiting from it in the future”. Good for this person! I’d feel so dirty doing that, but if it will keep her from making more money off this, I’d be happy! Here’s the rest of the article regarding Casey Anthony selling her story.

In case you didn’t click on the abduction link above, here are the tips below. Police said parents should talk to their children and advise them the following:

  • Tell your children not to talk with adults they do not know.
  • Anytime they are approached by an adult, they should check with a parent, teacher or trusted adult.
  • Children should never approach a vehicle. If they see a vehicle following them, they should tell a parent, teacher or trusted adult immediately
  • Individuals who prey on children often try to gain a child’s confidence by asking for help looking for a lost pet or asking for directions. Talk with your children about these ploys.
  • Role play with your children so they will know how to react if an incident occurs.
  • Tell your children they should run away from the abductor, yell loudly and say something that will draw attention such as, “Help! This is not my dad. Help! I am being kidnapped.” If children just scream, people may think the child is only throwing a tantrum.
  • Always report anything suspicious, such as someone sitting in a car watching a playground or a school.
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