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Weekly News Roundup

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I hardly sat down this week, much less watch the news. The news I got was bits and pieces from the radio as well as info from my super smart hubs. If I don’t have the news on in the morning while I”m getting breakfast ready, I usually catch up at the end of the day. You know, so that I can have dreams of bombs and scary things. Eeeeeeek. Unfortunately, this week I was too focused on getting some shut eye at the end of the day since I was a single parent. *yawning*

trending, news, hot topics, news roundup, news worthy, world news

N. Korea: Are any of you as concerned about N. Korea the way I am? I don’t know why, but I find myself more worried this time. I realize they do this every year around this time, but I just get this sick feeling that some day they’re not going to be acting like China’s stupid little brother, just throwing a fit. The one thing that helps ease my mind is that we (the US) basically told China we will stop working with them if they don’t smack N. Korea around a little bit. Although China is not our ally, they also aren’t an adversary. Fingers crossed they listen.

Gun Bill Vote: “Senators voted 68 to 31 take up the bill put forward by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) that would expand background checks to more gun buyers, form a national commission on mass violence, create a federal gun trafficking statute and enhance school safety measures. The procedural motion required 60 votes to pass, and Republicans had been dodging questions for days on how they would vote.”…..

Trayvon Martin: Speaking of guns, exactly one year ago George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon while he was on neighborhood watch. He was charged with murder and is now in  jail. “Martin family attorneys have said there was no justification for the shooting, and in today’s statement said that he was arrested because “there was evidence to charge George Zimmerman for second-degree murder for profiling, pursuing, and killing our unarmed teenage son.”….. 

New Birthing Trend: Have you heard of Lotus Birthing? It’s just…whoa. Definitely not for me. “The allnatural trend, called Lotus Birth or umbilical nonseverance, calls for a mother to allow the umbilican border to detach from her baby naturally, The New York Post reported. In practical terms, that means carting around a blob of red matter aka the placenta that can stayed plugged into the baby’s tummy for up to 10 days.” Since we always relate things to animals and whether or not something is natural, I had to ask myself what animals do….they chew off the umbilical cord. Even animals detach! Just get rid of it, mamas. I also think that 1. you’re going to STINK and 2. You’re just asking for a nasty infection. I resisted putting a picture up of this. Go ahead and google lotus birthing….other than the adorable babies you will see, it’s not a pretty sight. I can promise you that!

Viral Video: Who’s funnier? The baby waking up dancing when her favorite song comes on the radio? Or her sister with the awesome laugh? Most of you have probably already seen this video, but I came across it again and couldn’t resist putting it on here!

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