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Weekly News Roundup

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Happy Friday! Do you ever feel like you have no idea what’s happening in the world? Somedays I’m shocked I even know who the President is. Even if I have the news on or the radio, there are usually a couple other little voices that have my attention. If you feel  the same way, check us out on Fridays because we will have your weekly news roundup. I’ll try to include a little world news, parenting news (recalls etc.) as well as some celebrity because we’re all guilty of wanting to know the latest gossip. I know I am!

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  • If you’re Catholic and living under a rock, there’s a new Pope! Yep, that’s right. I’m hoping you didn’t hear it here first though. Pope Francis said “Pray for me…” and I found that to be quite humble of him. Lets hope that he really is. Fun, but not so fun fact – if Pope Francis gets a disease, he only has one lung to spare. He had one removed when he was little due to an infection. I know you can live without a lung kind of like you can live without both kidneys, but that sounds scary!
  • Justin Bieber’s hamster died. Yep, he gave his hamster, PAC, to a fan and the little rodent croaked last week. WHY is this in the news? Come on America.
  • Without getting into politics, K and I are both married into the military, so I have to touch on sequester. Please, for the love of all that is good, do not think that we live a luxurious life. Our husbands fight and serve to protect our country. They LOVE what they do, but I’d like to think we deserve some medical benefits. And maybe tuition assistance for those that want to further their education. You know, since advanced degrees are REQUIRED for promotions. This Open Letter to Mr. Wood is worth a read. Sequester is hurting our men and women that are trying to protect YOU. They’re being told to save bullets. Save bullets?! I’m infuriated with what is going on, but feel like there is nothing I can do. It’s hard feeling helpless! For more info check out The Air Force Times. I digress…
  • Man, I almost got heated above! In other important news – Bachelor Sean *swoon* picked my favorite girl, Catherine! Woohoo! I can’t wait for their wedding on ABC. I hate admitting that I like this show, but I do. It’s one of my many guilty pleasures.
  • The Steubenville rape story makes me sick to my stomach. It’s big news though, so I’m sharing it with you.


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