This cute dessert is perfect for a Princess Party or a fun idea for any little girl gathering. Even the littlest kids will enjoy making these themselves as an easy party activity.

Easy Princess Pops



  1. Have an adult prep for the pops by clipping a small X into the middle of the cupcake wrapper skirts, and microwaving the frosting for 15-30 seconds, or until it is warm and thin.
  2. Push a small marshmallow about 1.5" down one end of your paper straw.
  3. Push the cupcake wrapper onto the straw to rest on the small marshmallow.
  4. Top the Pop with a large marshmallow.
  5. Dip the top of the pop into the frosting and let any excess drip off.
  6. Dip the frosting coated marshmallow into the decorative sugar to coat the frosting.
  7. Place into a glass to dry.

Recipe by The Pinning Mama at