Easy Chicken Bake Dinner Recipes

Just as easy to prepare as crock pot recipe, easy chicken bake recipes are my new favorite week night dinner!

One of my favorite ways to make an easy weeknight dinner is by throwing together an easy chicken bake!  The beauty of it is that there are only a few ingredients (usually less than 5!) and also very little prep so it is ready to go in the oven in minutes, plus it is always super delicious!  These are a great alternative to crock pot meals because they are just as easy to throw together, but they have that great fresh baked taste and maintain their textures much better.

Another thing I love about chicken bakes, is that the flavor combinations are ENDLESS!  I have a lot of great recipes for different flavor options listed below and a list about a mile long of more I am excited to share with you!  The combination of easy, healthy, and delicious has made these recipes a favorite of thousands of my readers.  So check these out, and make sure to check back often for new recipes!


Easy + Delicious = My favorite kind of dinner recipe! Making this ASAP! Buffalo Chicken Bake via thepinningmama.com

Easy Buffalo Chicken Bake

Easy + Delicious = My favorite kind of recipe! Easy Pizza Chicken Bake from thepinningmama.com

Pizza Chicken Bake

Easy + Delicious = My favorite kind of dinner! Bacon Ranch Chicken Bake by thepinningmama.com

Bacon-Ranch Chicken Bake

Easy + Delicious= Winning dinner recipe! BBQ chicken bake from thepinningmama.com

BBQ Chicken Bake

So easy to make + delicious and full of flavor! This Greek Chicken bake recipe is a keeper!

Greek Chicken Bake

So easy and tastes AMAZING! The perfect weeknight dinner recipe! Easy Italian Chicken Bake.

Italian Chicken Bake

Only 5 ingredients and a few minutes to make this quick and easy Asian inspired dinner recipe! Easy Thai Chicken Bake

Thai Chicken Bake

Easy Fajita Chicken Bake Recipe - Only 6 ingredients! Couldn't be easier!

Fajita Chicken Bake – Our #1 Recipe!

DELICIOUS and EASY -- That's my kind of dinner. Monterrey Chicken Bake

Monterrey Chicken Bake