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Broccoli Pesto – fail

Last week I decided I wanted to trick my daughter into eating extra veggies, so I made broccoli pesto. Me steering away from basil pesto is almost as if the apocalypse has happened. We. Love. Pesto. NOT BROCCOLI pesto though! I was feeling kind of bad for writing our first “pin fail”, but then I realized it was a Martha Stewart recipe. Lets be honest – Martha’s feelings won’t be hurt by the little family in Las Vegas not enjoying her broccoli grossness. It’s not even the fact that it’s broccoli. My family enjoys broccoli! My daughter has been having some belly issues (read – refuses to go #2 sometimes and gets all sorts of backed up), so I thought if I made this pesto it would help de-clog her. She actually ate the noodles and “pesto”, but the next day she refused it. I don’t even like saying pesto because it’s not. It’s a much thicker consistency. More like a dip – maybe I should try dipping some crackers in it. And then smothering it in chocolate. I’m sure I’d like it then.

I made the original recipe and then added more garlic, parmasan, lemon, and olive oil. It did taste better after doctoring it a little bit. The original though was no bueno.

Here are the pics. Nom nom nom. Not! So, there you have it. Sorry, Martha. I guess I won’t be making this again.

Here’s the thing – I WANT to like this. I did some searching and found a couple more spinach pesto/sauce recipes. They actually look delicious and I will definitely be testing them out. I will let you know how they turn out. If you have made any of the below, please let us know!

Via Smitten Kitchen

8047606795_57afb30c70 Via Delicious Happens


How much did I like this project? Had I liked the end product, I would have said this was a great recipe because it was easy and quick.

Unexpected Happenings? I had to double the garlic, parmesan and lemon just to get a semi-decent flavor.

Overall Rating 1-5: Before adding more ingredients I give this a 1. After adding more garlic etc. I say a 2.5.

Happy cooking!

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