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DIY Christmas Nativity Door Decal

This Nativity scene makes a perfect quick and easy way to decorate this Christmas!  Use your Silhouette CAMEO to easily make this Christmas craft.

Making a door decal is a quick and easy way to decorate for Christmas!

We are in full swing decorating mode for Christmas.  When Thanksgiving is over we don’t waste any time getting Christmas up and out.  Since we have this fantastic red door I wanted to do something fun this year to make it more Christmas-y.  I think we have a great porch area to decorate for Christmas, BUT since I have a newborn, not many big projects were going on this year.  Adding this nativity decal to the door was the perfect quick project I could make, and have up between naps, feedings and whatever fire I might need to put out at the moment.

Christmas Nativity Door Decal

What you need:

Design your decal in the Silhouette software

To begin I measured my door and figured out that I needed something roughly 6 inches tall and 24 inches long.  I shopped the Silhouette Design Store and found this nativity scene perfect for the door.  Once I bought it and imported it into the library in the Design Studio, I created a canvas that was 24 inches long and 9 inches wide (the length of the door and the width of the vinyl.)  Then open the file and rotate it 90˚ so that it appears long-ways on your canvas.  Pull the corner to size it down to the appropriate length and height for your door.

Use your Silhouette Cameo for this quick Christmas craft!

 Next, load your vinyl straight into the machine.  Set the cut settings to Silhouette brand vinyl and then send the file to your Silhouette to cut. Once it is done, unload the vinyl and cut the design off of the remaining vinyl.  Now weed the vinyl {ie peel off the parts you are not using} and use the hook tool to help you get any of the smaller parts.

How adorable is this Nativity scene on the door!? Love this idea!

 Now that all of the vinyl is weeded, cut down your transfer paper to fit your design.  Peel back the paper, and starting at one side stick it on the corresponding side of the design and then continue to roll the transfer paper over the design until you get to the other end and it is completely covered.  I like to do long designs this way since there is so much paper and it is so sticky, this helps me keep better control of everything.

Once it is on the transfer paper press down over the parts of the paper where the image is to make sure it sticks to the paper.  Then flip it over and remove the backing from the vinyl, taking care to make sure all parts of the image stay on the transfer paper.

Make sure your door is clean and there is no dirt or dust where you will be placing your vinyl.  Then take the transfer paper with the image and line it up on the door.  Make sure that it is nice and straight.  I like the Silhouette brand transfer paper because it has the grid on it which makes it easy to tell if you are applying things straight.  Once you have it positioned perfectly press it down and to the door.

Again, use your fingers (or a scraper tool) to score the areas where the vinyl is to make sure it is adhering to the door.  Then carefully peel away the transfer paper making sure all of the parts of the vinyl design stay adhered to the door.

LOVE the Nativity on the door! DIY Christmas Door Art!

There you have a quick and easy Christmas project!  Everyone who comes to your door will ooohhh and ahhhhh over how beautiful this golden nativity is.  And when Christmas is over it is easy to remove and replace with something for the next season or holiday!

If you don’t have a Silhouette yet, now is the perfect time to ask Santa to leave one under the tree!  The Black Friday promotion will be running through the beginning of December for you to get the lowest prices of the year on this fabulous machine!  See all of the details for the Silhouette Sale and Coupon Code here!

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  1. Molly says

    Cute! I have seen that shape before in the Silhouette store and love it, I had planned on making it on a piece of wood for the mantle, but I love the creativity of doing it on the door!

  2. Alicia says

    I am new at this… does the vinyl remove easily after? How does one remove it? Does it come off walls too? Thanks!!

    • says

      Hi Alicia- There are different kinds of vinyl, some have more permanent adhesives than others but if you use a regular vinyl then you shouldn’t have problems peeling it off. You might want to test a small piece first just to make sure it holds true on your surface just to be on the safe side!


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