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DIY No Sew Tutu for Little Girls

Beautiful little tutus!  I have to admit that those frilly pink tutus are one of the things that make having a girl so absolutely fun.  My baby girl is now 14 months (technically not even a baby anymore) and I still get a kick out of dressing her up.  Few things in life are as genuinely cute as little girl clothes!  Even my friends that aren’t “girly” love dressing up their daughters. Little boys get dressed up like little men, but little girls have a so many fun options that are just especially for little girls!

Easy No Sew Tutu Tutorial

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When I found out I was having a girl, I knew that I would need to know how to make a tutu.  It seemed like a necessary skill for a crafty mom of any little girl.  Tutu’s are so versatile.  They can dress up an outfit, make a perfect prob for a picture, or add a bit of flair to a halloween costume.  And seeing as how it can be worn to church or Halloween, it might just be the most flexible piece a little girl owns, haha!

There are millions of ways and versions on how to make a tutu out there.  I went through plenty, combined a few techniques and came up with what I think is the quickest and easiest way to make a tutu for your little princess.  Because anybody who reads this blog knows that with two tiny kids, I LOVE my crafts to be quick and easy!

After I finished the tutorial I felt the need to come back up and add this note.  I promised a quick and easy project, yet my instructions seem really lengthy.  It is not because it is hard, just beacuse I tried to be through in all of the details of how to make the tutu so there would be no question on the method I used. So no fear!  Quick and easy… I promise!

Here is the method:

Gather your tools:

  • 6″ rolls of tulle (each roll is usually 25 yards)- You can use as many colors as you like, I prefer 1-3 colors in each tutu
  • 1/2- 1 inch sturdy elastic- I used 15 inches to make a tutu sided for a 1 year old.
  • Scissors
  • 2 Pieces of Cardboard

****Update: I get a lot of questions on where to buy the tulle.  You can get rolls at most major craft stores or on Amazon as a single roll of tulle or very inexpensively as a bundle. *****

First you will need to decide your sizing for your tutu.  The best thing to do is to measure your little one to get a waist measurement and approximate of how long you want your tutu to be.  I also use this size guide as a reference tool.

Tutu sizing chart

Cut your elastic about an inch longer than your desired waist size. You can either tie the ends together (If you want a true no-sew) or quickly use a needle and thread to sew them together (my preferred method.)

Easy No Sew Tutu Tutorial

Next you will need your cardboard.  You can use anything from a cereal box to the side cut out of a cardboard shipping box.  You will want to to cut two identical rectangles out of the cardboard.  The width needs to be 8-12 inches (the width does not need to be exact, just wider than your tulle) and the length will be 1/2 in longer than your desired tutu length.  So, the cardboard I used was 12″x8.5″.

Now we will cut the tulle.  You will need approx 48 strips of tulle for a 15″ tutu. The cardboard will make it easy for us to cut.  Take your tulle (if you have multiple colors, use the first color) and place the end of the tulle at the end of your cardboard (both pieces will be placed together) then wrap it around the cardboard (the side that is the length you want your tutu +1/2″) continue to wrap around your board until the number of times it is fully wrapped around the board equals the number of strips you need. So if I do one color I will make 48 full wraps around the board.  If I do two colors I will do 24 full wraps around the board, three colors, 16 full wraps, etc.

Easy No Sew Tutu Tutorial

Now you will cut down the side of the cardboard you started the wrapping on by sliding the scissors between the two pieces of cardboard which will allow you to cut straight across the the wrapped layers of tulle with no jagged edges.  Now you should have a pile of pieces of tulle that are double + 1″ longer than your desired tutu length.

Easy No Sew Tutu Tutorial

Repeat with any additional colors.

Easy No Sew Tutu Tutorial

Once you have all of your tulle cut gently stretch your elastic waistband over the cardboard so that it stays in place but is not super stretched out.

Now we will begin wrapping the tulle around the elastic.  I always wrap three layers at a time around my elastic, because this allows me to get a really full tutu.  You can use more or less to get your desired fullness.

Take 3 layers of tulle, if using multiple colors use one of each, and lay them on top of each other and fold them all in half.  Take the folded middle part and side it under the elastic about an inch.  Now take the tails of the tulle and pull them over the elastic and through the loop and gently tighten to form a knot.

Easy No Sew Tutu Tutorial

You don’t want to tighten your knot too tight or it will result in stretching out your elastic.  Just tighten it enough to be snug but not crushing the elastic.  Repeat this step until all of the elastic is filled with knotted tulle. When using multiple colors I like to change the order they are layered in with each group of tulle so that the colors are spread evenly throughout.

Easy No Sew Tutu Tutorial

Now all that is left is to fluff your tutu!

Simply go through each layer and pull the tulle to separate it and the result will be a big, fluffy tutu worth of a princess!

Easy No Sew Tutu Tutorial

If you don’t have time to make it, don’t feel bad!  We can’t do it all, but you can grab one that is just as cute and your daughter is sure to love it!

Here are some pics of my daughter with the tutu I just made her.  I don’t’ think it gets much cuter than this!  I call this the bubble gum tutu.  It used three shades of pink and was cut at a 15 in waist and 8 in length.

Easy No Sew Tutu Tutorial


Easy No Sew Tutu Tutorial


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For another fun look, try a fabric tutu!  You can learn how to make a Fabric Tutu for little girls here!

DIY No Sew Fabric Tutu Dress

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  1. says

    So cute! I have made so many of these! Here is another tip from the TuTu’s I have made: After a while the Tulle pieces can start to stick together. You can either spray them with a fabric softener/wrinkle guard, or rub them with a fabric softener sheet and they will stay nice and fluffy! Your little princess likes her TuTu! So cute!!

    • says

      Hi April- I was going to list this in the post but it really varies depending on how big the waist is and how long you make the tulle. For my daughter’s size 6 mo tutu I used about 25 yards.

  2. Amber says

    I would like to no something about the tutu. You say have 25yards of tulle, do you actually use all this because i don’t really want loads of tulle left over and its expensive here a roll. I intend on doing like yours the 3 different colours. Please could you email me back as i dont always get to the computer to see things. Thanks

  3. Alison says

    Instead of elastic, you can use a headband that you put bows on around the baby’s head… Then you don’t have to sew at all

  4. Katie says

    Thanks for the tutu-orial (see what I did there?)!!! This was super easy and pretty quick. Just made one for my friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday present, and I can’t wait to make another one for my baby girl due in June.

  5. says

    Thanks so much for these easy instructions. I just made a gold and white one and am thinking I will need to go three colors next time. Super cute, super easy! If I make a post on my blog about it I will be sure to link back!

  6. Amanda Wakim says

    Hey! Just a different tip. I took lengths of tulle and twisted them to make the “waist” band. That way I could adjust the waist size if needed and the ends just look like part of the tutu. :)

  7. Tara Kidd says

    Thanks for the tutorial. I’ll be using this to create a Minnie Mouse costume for my two-year old daughter to wear for Halloween.

  8. Lynn Smith says

    I have seen a lot of tutorials how to make tutus I was very confused they didn’t show what size & how long to cut the tull Then I clicked on y
    our tutorial its everything I was looking for in one tutorial The chart size & length Your tutorial is the best You posted the age chart was perfect &
    the length of tull to cut I really love your tutorial on making tutus Your tutorial is the winner on making tutus Thank You So Much I would love to join your group site What do I need to do to join Thank You

    • says

      I would love to join your group What do I need to do to join I would like to show you the tutus I’ve been making How can I do this Thank you so much for your tutorial on making tutus I will be posting my tutus shortly

  9. Tyiesha says

    Beautiful tutu! And your daughter is so cute! I am just wondering, does anyone have any tips on how to attach a tutu skirt made like this one to a bodice? I want to make my daughters dress for her first birthday in a couple of weeks but I’m sort of a beginner and am at a loss on how to do it!

    • Tiffanie says

      Instead of tying the tulle to the elastic loop it through the holes in the bodice the same way you would loop it around the elastic.

  10. Bryn says

    Obviously night before trick or treating and I’m making a costume for baby’s first. LOVE your instructions!!! Soooooooooo easy. Took 30 min and I had yards of material I had to cut down to 6 inch strips but still 30 min. Thanks!!!!

  11. Rhonda says

    Thank you for this great tutorial. I just made one for my 3 yr old neighbor girl for Christmas. She wants to be a ballerina when she grows up. This will be the perfect gift for her!! I can’t wait to give it to her. :)

  12. carol says

    Excited to make this! Question…how many more tulle strips (approximately) do you need for the larger waist sizes? If I’m making the 21″ or 24″ tutu I’m wondering about how many strips I’ll need. Thanks!

  13. Amanda says

    I loved this blog, very helpful I just made one for my nieces first birthday, can’t wait for her to wear it. Thanks for the awesome directions.

  14. Jacquelyn says

    I absolutely LOVE this tutorial! It seems simple enough and I am going to be making a Minnie Mouse version for my daughters first birthday/Disneyland! Your daughter is adorable btw I hope I can make a tutu for mine just like that

  15. Bonnie Lazarus says

    How do you calculate the amount of tulle panels per waist size?

    And do you always use 3 panels per loop? I did single panels and still looked great.

  16. adriana says

    Thanks for this tutorial. I ordered the tulle and elastic band, i can’t wait to try this! I think 3 layers of tulle at a time really does make a difference especially with multiple colors.

  17. Holly Williams says

    I have looked at a lot of tutus and tutorials, but you are the first one to answer a question that keeps popping up in my mind. I have been trying to figure out how they get the tutus on elastic so full looking. You are the first to answer it in your tutorial. You use multiple layers. Thank you for your full explanation.

  18. Amanda says

    Beautiful! I’m trying to make one for my daughter’s first birthday. Can you tell me where you buy tulle in 6″ rolls?

  19. Jenni says

    Great, easy to follow instructions – thank you!! I’m making this tutu for my daughter’s 1st birthday. She’s going to wear it for her cake smash! :)

  20. diane says

    I love this idea, I am going to make one for a mini tree skirt. I can do it in my color theme for Christmas apple green and white. Love your tutorial. Thanks.

  21. Erika Russell says

    Hey Kim! This post is amazing, and the your lil girl is super cute! Thank you so much for the Tutu Sizing Guide, and for the clear instructions… This will be my first time making a tutu and I’m super excited… It’s for my daughter Kaitlyn, who turns 5 in August… We are having a rainbow themed birthday, and this just wouldn’t be complete without the rainbow tutu!!! Thanks a bunch for these great instructions, and wish me luck! xoxo

  22. Maria says

    I’ve made quite a few of these over the years for my (now grown) daughter, but recently my non-sewing daughter-in-law wanted to make one for her toddler. I found your blog to be the perfect instructions for a newby fabric crafter. Very nice photos and clear instructions – Thanks!

  23. geri says

    These are the best instructions that I’ve found on how to make a tutu. I think it less than half an hour from start to finish!
    Thanks for making it so easy.

  24. Kayla says

    I just made my 4 month old daughter a tutu for her Halloween costume using your tutorial. It was so easy thanks to your wonderful instructions! Thank you so much for this!

  25. says

    This even looks easy enough for me to do (and that’s saying something, lol!) I love your method for cutting the tulle strips – so quick and easy!

  26. Mindy Blake says

    You mentioned 48 strips and you used 3 colors so that was 16 of each color. I see you used 1 of each color for each knot. Are there only 16 knots?

  27. Rebecca says

    Just made one for my newborn for her photos using your tutorial. It turned out so perfectly!! I can’t wait until she can wear it!! <3

    • says

      Hi Kathy- I don’t mention it because it does vary so much from size to size. For my 12 month old I used about 50 yards (2 rolls) Hope that helps!

  28. Christine says

    So it comes out to 16 strips of each color?
    My first attempt so just want to make sure I understand it right!

  29. Tara boffa says

    I’m not sure I understand how to measure the amount of toole to purchase. My daughter is 8 and tall, so I would want something around at least 16 inches long. I also want to do three colors. So I understand I get the double in length (32 inches), but how much would I get in yards? That’s where I’m confused? Thank you! :)

  30. says

    Hi there! I love your tutorial! I used your link to share how I made a tutu that I featured on my blog! Thank you so much for such great instructions! I just had to share it with others!


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