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Easy Bathroom Organization Ideas

Bathroom organization made easy! Tips for organizing make up brushes and bobby pins right inside your medicine cabinet door in just about 5 minutes!

Organize your make up brushes right inside your medicine cabinet in only about 5 minutes with this easy trick!

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Do you want to know one of my pet peeves?  The fact that even though I have AMPLE make up brushes and bobby pins, that I use daily, I still can never seem to find them in the same place!  I have organization methods that have worked really well for me other places around the house like the kitchen and the linen closets, but the bathroom is another story!

Make up brushes are always hard to find- organize them right inside your medicine cabinet with this trick in about 5 minutes!

My make up brushes seem to have several places they end up between the main drawer with my make up bag, the organizer on our counter, and the travel bag I keep in the cabinet, but they don’t really seem to have a home of their own.  As someone who is not naturally the most organized person, I find that unless something has a place that is strictly designated to it and not a shared place (like the make up bag) then I don’t do well keeping that area tidy and organized consistently.  So I decided it was about time to make sure these items that I use daily got organized!

I knew I wanted my brushes somewhere I could see them so I could easily decide which one I wanted and grab it quickly.  Since bags and drawers don’t lend themselves to this, I went to the drawing board and finally it clicked!  The medicine cabinet!  I had a whole door full of real estate that we weren’t using so the brushes were about to get to move into their new home.  I will go ahead and spoil the ending for you…  It looks great, took me all of 5 minutes to complete, and I couldn’t love it more!

The easiest way to organize your make up brushes!  Genius and it only takes about 5 minutes to do!

What you need for this project is just a strip of self adhesive velcro and a pair of scissors.  My velcro measured about 1 1/2 in thick and 18 inches long. I had just a tad left over so it seems like it was just about the perfect amount for my sized cabinet.  First take the scratchy side, or the hook side, of the velcro and measure it to the door of your cabinet.  Cut it where you want it and then peel the backing and stick it on the cabinet.  Take care to stick it on straight if you are a little OCD like me and it will bother you forever more if it isn’t straight.  Just a warning.

Next use the loop side or the soft side and measure it around your make up brush then cut the piece needed.  Peel back the backing and stick it around the handle of the brush.  Repeat with the remainder of the brushes.  It is important to make sure to use the scratchy side on the medicine cabinet and the soft side of the velcro on the brush since the brushes will be near your face and you  don’t want to get scratched!

Once all of the brushes have velcro attached, stick them on to the strip on the medicine cabinet.  Voila!  You can now see your array of brushed in a glance and have them all ready and within arms reach.  I thought I was done… I really did.  But I just loved using that space behind the door of the medicine cabinet so much that I knew I could do more, so next up were the bobby pins!

Organize your bobby pins where they are always handy, right inside your medicine cabinet in only about 5 minutes with this trick!

Another thing I use daily is bobby pins.  I have super oily hair so I almost without exception wear it pinned back in some fashion every day.  These little guys have the same problem as the brushes.  They just end up everywhere!  So I went digging through my craft drawer and came up with a roll of magnetic tape.  I took a strip just like I did with the velcro, cut it off, and stuck the magnetic strip right under the brushes on the back of the medicine cabinet mirror.  Since bobby pins are metal, the stuck right on, and now I have a perfect place to keep them organized and on hand!

Easy peasy bathroom organization, right?  Sometimes it is all about making life a little bit better and a little bit easier.  These tricks are both simple, quick and inexpensive but they will impact how I use my bathroom everyday which I absolutely love.  Another thing I love is a GIVEAWAY!  We are hosting one today to celebrate simplifying life for mom for a $200 Gift Card to Target, Home Depot or West Elm! Scroll down for your chance to enter to win below. Also, check out these Mother’s Day Coupon Codes for more inspirational ideas, deals, and some more fabulous giveaways like the ones below!


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