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Easy DIY Christmas Plate


web Santa Cookie Plate 1.1

Christmas is ALMOST here!!! I honestly can’t wait. I am so excited to see my kids enjoy this magical and truly special day. We have started many new traditions at our house this year and today I am sharing a special one we will be doing tonight! Leaving out cookies for Santa and snacks for his reindeer on special plates made just for them.

web Santa Cookie Plate 3.1

I know I am sharing this at the last minute, but making the plates is super easy and you don’t even need to have perfect handwriting to make a perfectly lettered plate with this easy trick!

What you will need for this project:

Plates (glass or porcelain) from the dollar store

DecoArt Glass Paint Markers

Carbon paper- find this in the type writer section of your office supply store (yes, I am serious!!)


Word processing program

Reindeer Snacks Plate1 web

First design how you want your plate to look in your word processing program.  I drew a circle the size of my plate first to make sure I had everything sized and spaced just as I wanted it.  You can download my template at the bottom of this post to use if you like it!

Print your template and cut around it.  Then layer it with your template on top, your carbon paper next (white side up, black side down) and your plate on bottom.

Use a pen to trace firmly around your text and images. This works best if you secure each layer in place with a couple of pieces of tape so it doesn’t shift while you are tracing.  You can peek under to make sure it is transferring well as you go, just don’t move the paper because it will need to be perfectly lined up when you continue to trace.

Once you finish tracing, remove your papers and use your paint pens to trace the outlines you transferred onto the plate in your desired colors.  I used red, green and gold pens on my reindeer plate.

Then follow the directions on the pens to bake your plate to set the ink permanently.  This usually involves something like baking for 45 minutes.

Reindeer Snacks Plate 2 web

Now if you do what I did and have a little slip up where you misspell something {did you spot it up there???} then you can use nail polish remover to take the paint off up until the point you bake it and it becomes permanent.  Also, make sure you make sure you note that the pen package states that food should not be consumed off of the ink so keep in mind that this really is more of a decorative piece and not your new favorite Christmas dinner plate, kinda project.

web Santa Cookie Plate 5.1

I also made a Santa Cookie plate you can see in the pics too using the same method.  It is super quick and a nice easy way to start a fun new Christmas tradition.

Download your free Reindeer Snacks Christmas Plate template here.

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