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Easy Lunch Box Ideas + Free Printable Planner

This free printable planner makes packing lunches easy!  Ideas that include hundreds of different combinations of easy items to pack for your school lunch!

Make packing school lunch easy with this free printable planner! 100's of combinations of easy and healthy foods for your lunch box.

I am excited to partner with one of my favorite lunch box essentials, Wet Ones to bring you this post!  All ideas, and fun lunch box creations were created right here at The Pinning Mama.

I have mentioned a few times on our Facebook page how both of my kids started school this year.  This whole school lunch thing is new to me.  Even though I love to cook and be creative in the kitchen, after just the first two weeks of school I have found it very challenging to keep school lunches new, fresh and exciting.

Besides just getting a healthy lunch in there, I also have found that it is really easy to forget things that might be pretty important… like say a spoon to eat the yogurt I packed.  I created this printable check list so that I can easily gather ideas, assemble a lunch and not forget any of the essentials I need to pack in the lunch box each day.

Make packing school lunch easy with this free printable planner! 100's of combinations of easy and healthy foods for your lunch box.

One thing that was a must from the first day of school for us was a pack of Wet Ones for each lunch box.  I keep a travel pack in each kid’s lunch box so that they can wipe their hands before and after they eat!  Since Wet Ones are antibacterial, they kill 99.99 percent of germs, are hypoallergenic, and contain aloe and lanolin so they are perfect to wipe out all of those nasty playground germs but also easy on skin for even the littlest of hands.

I also love Wet Ones for after lunch because it cleans up the messes much better and easier than a dry napkin. My kiddos aren’t always the most diligent when it comes to cleaning, so I like to make it as easy as possible to avoid the sticky hands getting smeared on their clothes, bags, or school work.  The travel pack is great for the lunch box because it tucks right in without taking up much room or adding much weight.  The 40 count canister is perfect for my car because it fits right in the cup holder and so I have easy access to wipe down hands after I pick the kids up from school.  They are easy to find because they are available at most large retail and drug stores nationwide.

I am excited to share my easy lunch box ideas with you in this planner.  This is filled with easy and healthy lunch options that I came up with and a few I borrowed from friends.  Just take a few options from each category and you will have hundreds of different options to keep school lunch new and exciting every day!  Also, make sure to check your school’s guidelines for any specific types of food or utensils that might not be allowed, such a nuts, desserts, or knives and make sure to prep your lunch accordingly!

So be a little adventurous and give your kid something new like Hummus, cucumber and pesto on a whole wheat bagel, or just stick with the trusty old ham and cheese on wheat.  Either way, this planner can help take the thought out of lunch prep and make it easy to keep lunch new and exciting.

Make packing school lunch easy with this free printable planner! 100's of combinations of easy and healthy foods for your lunch box.

 Download your  Free Printable Easy Lunch Box Planner here!

8.5×11″ Printable Lunch Box Planner (PDF)

8.5×11″ Editable Lunch Box Planner (PDF)

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    • says

      You would need a program like photoshop that will open the .pdf file with all of the layers. I can try to post a blank version next week that you could write on or use a word processing program to add in your own ideas.

  1. Sandy says

    I love this list!! It’s very complete and allows me to be creative with the combinations of options. Btw, who makes the lunch box pictured? I’d like to find a similar style, but different color, for my son. Thanks!!


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