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Fabulous Finds Friday – Easter Basket Goodies

I can not believe it’s almost Easter! It seems so early this year. Are you ready for it? Is your house decked out in Spring pretties and do you have your Easter baskets overflowing? Not yet? Good! I’m here to help with some great items to stuff that basket with.

Easter Finds

1. Necktie from Little Gentleman I love all things chevron. Seriously. It’s an obsession I have GOT to get over. If I could be sponsored by the creator of the chevron graphic, I’d surely be a millionaire. If you’re a mom to a handsome little dude, don’t you think he needs this tie> I always thought boys weren’t fun to dress. And then I had a boy and I love dressing him! I am so excited that I found The Little Gentleman’s Closet because she has some great stuff.

2. Easter Bunny Applique Shirt from camhh If you have a daughter you can’t forget about her! After your fancy brunch out with the family why not come home, put some play clothes on and enjoy the beautiful weather we are sure to have! These applique shirts are just darling.

3. Camelbak If you have a toddler or even an older child, you know that leak-proof cups do not exist. I don’t understand why this is so hard for a company to figure out. One day while at Target I decided I needed a new camelbak for myself (amongst many other things). I was in the aisle and gasped when I saw the mini Camelbaks! BG always wants to drink out of mine, so I grabbed her one. Guess what….THEY DON’T LEAK! How did a company that doesn’t specialize in children’s products figure it out, but Nuk, Munchkin etc can’t? It’s a mystery I guess.

4. Yummy Yucky by Leslie Patricelli and Quiet loud book by Leslie Patricelli I am such a dork when it comes to children’s books. I can’t get enough. I love them because I pick ones that I’ll actually enjoy reading. They tend to be really short books, but if I can giggle or even cry while reading to my kids, I know the books a winner. And yes, I have been known to cry while reading to BG. I dare you to read You Are my I love you and not cry. Double dog dare you. I’ve read Yummy yucky before and it seems cute. And my daughter is having some volume control issues so I’m hoping that Quiet Loud will help remedy the sitch.

5. Bibs from Bumpkin I just started my BB on solids and he seems a little annoyed that he has to wear his sisters pink bibs. Soooo as high maintenance as he is, I decided he deserves some boy bibs. Bumpkins have always been a favorite of mine – easy to clean and they stay on my kids!

6. Mum Mums Organic These rice husks will be for BB, but BG still loves to nom on these. They’re great to just throw into the diaper bag. The non-organic are also loved by BG, but I tend to buy the organic. They just look tastier. The non-organic remind me of one of those cuttlebones for birds!

7. Happy Baby Pouches You’d probably think these pouches would be for BB since I recently started him on solids, but nope. BG eats these like they’re going out of style. Perfect for restaurants when she is getting antsy before our dinner arrives!

8. Snap Dolls I don’t usually give toys in Easter baskets (during the 2 years I’ve had a kid for Easter haha), but BG is loving her Snap Dolls. My friend gave me her daughters old ones and BG plays with them for what seems like hours!

9. Sippy Cups from Bin There Designs I know I suggested the Camelbak above, but how cute are these sippy cups? I’m pretty sure my kids need these.

10. Easter Baskets from My Cutiepatootie Gifts I know what you’re thinking – I should’ve had this as number 1. Sorry! Every kid needs a personalized Easter basket to use each year. She has some great reviews too! 

Of course I will also have the traditional PB Cup Bunnies and maybe some jelly beans. I try to not give too much candy though. For our Easter egg hunt I will stuff the eggs with stickers, puffs, jelly beans, and probably some Annie’s bunny snacks.

Have you ever checked out Chasing Fireflies? They have unique gifts from personalized clothes to creative crafts for kids. The Easter section has a ton of loot. I’m definitely buying this Golden Egg. 😉

Hope your wheels are spinning now and you can go out and start shopping for those baskets!



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