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Powdered Donut Easter Basket Treats

Powdered Donut Easter Basket Treats - click for easy tutorial

Doesn’t it seem like Christmas was just yesterday?  Yet here we are with Easter rapidly approaching.  Crazy how time seems to move faster every year… I figured it was about time to get in gear and on board with Easter since it is coming with or without me, so I came up with a fun little Easter treat using one of my husband’s secret breakfast weaknesses.  Powdered donuts.  That’s right.  His secret is exposed.  We don’t have them often, but he loves them!

While powdered donuts are a great breakfast treat, I was looking at them and it hit me.  These would make perfect little Easter baskets… and the kids will go nuts!  My little guy loves to help in the kitchen and these are perfect to get him involved.

Powdered Donut Easter Basket Treats - click for easy tutorial


All you need for this little guy is a few ingredients:

  • Powdered Donuts
  • Shredded Coconut
  • Jelly Beans
  • Airheads Extremes Candy

Powdered Donut Easter Basket Treats - click for easy tutorial


Place 1/2 cup of shredded coconut in a ziplock bag with 3 drops of green food coloring and 1 drop of yellow.  Zip it up and squish it all around until it is nice and evenly green.

Powdered Donut Easter Basket Treats - click for easy tutorialCut each Airhead rainbow candy into strips between two colors. This makes it thick enough to support itself to form the handle.  I used a pointed knife to make a slit in the donut where I wanted to handle to go and then used the point to gently push each end into the slits.

The rest of the assembly is super kid friendly, so grab your kiddos and have them add a pinch of coconut to the middle of each donut.  Then add 1, 2 or as many jelly bean eggs as your kids can sneak past you and your basket is complete.

Sometimes simple is best, and with just a few items from the store these simple treats can be put together in now time!

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