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{Review} Bookboard App – A Digital Library For Kids

sponsored-post1This is a review for Bookboard, an engaging book app for iPads. Start by signing up for a free trial at It’s that easy! While I was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own and are honest.Bookboard a digital library

My little BG, the bookworm. I swear this girl came into the world wanting to read. I’ve actually started to rotate our books out like some people do toys. How can I argue with her when she’d rather have 15 books in her bed vs 15 stuffed animals? The problem with books is that they’re heavy, bulky, expensive and don’t transport easily. When we go on trips I usually only allow 2 books because I need more space in my luggage for important things…like my blow dryer. ha!

The goal with Bookboard is to encourage your children to read with the help of a digital library. My daughter loves the iPad as well as books, so this app sounded like the best of both worlds. We usually only allow iPad time if she is using learning apps. When I told her I was getting a book app for her, her eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning! Did I just find her the most amazing gift ever for an almost 3 year old? The gift of books. Books really are amazing and the fact that my oldest is EXCITED about reading makes my heart go pitter patter. I can only hope that my son will be the same someday!  My mom used to tell us that not only does reading make you smarter, but books are like movies in your head – you can imagine whatever you want.  Makes reading sound kind of magical, doesnt it?

Right off the bat I was pleased with Bookboard. The sign up process couldn’t have been easier. I was also surprised because I assumed (silly me) that this was just an app for kids. It’s also for adults and even we get profiles! Woohoo! Bookboard Review

I set my kids up with the iPad and let the big sister choose the book. There were many books to choose from, but she went with “Trucks, Planes and Trains”.I loved how colorful and clear the images were. I think colors in books with younger children are important because it keeps their busy minds excited about what they’re looking at. When she finished this first book, even more books were “unlocked”!  So not only are your kids going to be excited about reading, but they will actually get rewarded for reading. What kid doesnt love a reward?bookboard review kids

Not only will the parent receive an email letting you know your child finished a book, you have access to a progress report. That’s kind of nice because you can keep tabs on your kids reading. These aren’t just books for your iPad. They’re SMART BOOKS! Boardbook recognizes what your kids are reading and unlocks books specifically for their interests and reading level. Isnt that great? I know some people think that going away from “real” books is bad, but Bookboard will actually KEEP your kids reading. Bookboard addresses the lost art of reading/books in an article right herebookboard review kids


  • Bright colors
  • Variety of books for every age level
  • 400+ Books to unlock
  • Audio Books that will read to your young children
  • Offline storage so you can read on the go
  • No need to pack books when you’re going on trips
  • Easy sign-up (and there is a free trial!)
  • Goals & achievements to encourage reading
  • Report of your child’s reading progress
  • Up to 4 child reader accounts
  • Parent’s portal

See how vibrant the colors are? bookboard review kids

Bookboard has everything from the Berenstain Bears to the classic chapter books such as The Boxcar Children. How great would the gift of books be? I am so excited that we discovered Bookboard! Not only is it convenient, but my kids will continue to be excited about reading. Bookboard starts at only $4.99 a month and you can sign up for a free trial today!

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  1. says

    One of my daughters is an avid reader. She would definitely love this. Though, she loves the feel and turning of pages in a book, she actually read her first digital book last month. I can definitely understand the ease of traveling without hard books. A neat idea….for sure.

    • Ashley says

      I can understand that! I thought I’d miss holding my books when I got my iPad, but alas, I do not! :) I love that I can read everywhere without caring a bulky book!

  2. says

    I love the idea of digital because my 2 year old is always on the iPad playing puzzle games and reading little books I have downloaded for her. This looks like something we should look in to! Thanks for sharing.

    • Ashley says

      I think she would love this! I love it so much that now I feel like my daughter needs her own iPad so I can have mine back. haha! I guess that would defeat the purpose of “inexpensive” app. :)

  3. says

    What a great idea! My girls love to play all sorts of games, make videos and read on their iPads. This sounds like an affordable way to let them read to their hearts content…without having to buy it on iTunes every time. Thanks for sharing.

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