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Stripe and Tassels T-Shirt Scarf

Looking for a super quick accessories to brighten up your everyday outfits? How about a cute t-shirt infinity scarf with teeny tassels?

Stripe and tassels scarf

Hi, I’m Julie from Sum of their Stories. It’s really good to be back at The Pinning Mama, today I am showing you how I turned an old T-shirt into a cute infinity scarf with bright mini tassels.

To make one you need:
A striped T-shirt
Scraps of bright coloured wool
Sewing thread and needle
A scrap of cardboard
A sewing machine (optional)

I thought this black and white striped t-shirt would make a great infinity scarf, if you can find one without side seams all the better – we’ll get to that in a minute. First, chop off the top, straight across just below the sleeves:

cut in half
 Then slice off the hem too:
 cut off hem
If you are lucky enough to have a sideseam free t-shirt then you can miss the next bit and go straight on to the tassels.
I just looked at the seams here and didn’t like what I saw:
side seamBecause of the way the scarf hangs you see both sides and this seam is not pretty! So I chopped it off:
cut side seamOverlapped the edges:
pin overlap
overlapping seamAnd gave it 2 rows of top stitching to make a nice flat, same on both sides seam:
double top stitch
This makes a simple infinity scarf, you could stop at this point if you want, if you choose a very patterned t-shirt you may not want to add anything else:
plain stripe scarfBut I wanted a splash of colour. I did think about pom pom trim. maybe round the edge (which I still think would be lovely) but settled on mini tassels so I could use up some scraps of wool.
To make the teeny tiny tassels first fashion a mini tassel maker from a piece of scrap card:
tassel maker
tassel making collage
Put a length of sewing thread across the top and secure in two little cuts.
Put a length of wool, about 2″ through the slot.
Wrap a longer length of wool round about 6 times.
Pull the end of the shorter length to the front and tie a double knot. (you can wrap this length round again if you like)
Sew the sticking up end into the tassel.
Slide off your tassel maker and trim the ends level.
You can see a simpler, “over your hand” tassel making tutorial here if you fancy making larger tassels!

I made 26 in all and just stitched them randomly all over the scarf, inside and out.
sew tassels on
tassels onto scarf
That’s it, and because the tassels are all over you don’t have to do too much thinking when you pop it on, which is after all, the beauty of an infinity scarf – no complicated draping or arranging.
Tshirt infinity scarf tassel
Thanks for letting me stop by today, it’s lovely to be here.signature 3
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      Oooo yes, it would be perfect. If you could get the seamless t-shirts it becomes such an easy project. The girls could make whatever colour tassels they like and end up with a really wearable finished scarf, with each one unique.

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