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Surprise Spooky Spider Halloween Lamp

This is a quick and easy Halloween craft that will wow your friends and family as they see the Spiders appear in your lamp as the sun goes down.

Watch the spiders magically appear as it gets dark outside and the lamps go on! You will love how, quick, easy and fun this Halloween craft is!

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Let’s be honest… Halloween isn’t my absolute favorite holiday, but I still love to create the magic of it all for my kids.  I don’t want spider webs I will be cleaning up for the next half of the year strewn everywhere or scary goblins around every corner that actually startle me more than anyone else.  So what is a good mom to do?  Spooky lamp shades!

Such a quick, easy and fun way to decorate for Halloween. Watch the Spiders magically appear as the sun goes down and the lamps turn on!

I absolutely love this Halloween decor for so many reasons.  One is definitely the cool factor.  Your kids, friends, and family will all think it is pretty awesome how your normal lamp turns into a spooky spider filled lamp when the sun goes down and the lamps come on.  The other reason I love it is that I don’t have to look at the spooky spiders 24 hours a day.  Just in the evening when the lamps are on.  It gives me the perfect dose of Halloween fun and then goes away until the next night.  Last but not least of course… it is EASY!  Nothing is better than an easy to make and easy to clean up Halloween craft.

What you need for this project:

Use your Silhouette CAMEO to make a spooky surprise for Halloween when you turn on your lamps!

To start the project I opened the spider cut file in my Silhouette Design Studio software, ungrouped the shapes and made them all much bigger so that the designs took up the entire 12×12″ piece of card stock.  I also duplicated the spider so that I had a few more to crawl around my lamp.

Once I was done with the design I cut on the standard card stock setting.  You don’t have to use black card stock, just make sure it is darker in color and fairly thick so that the light is blocked out by the designs once they are inside the lamp shade.

Weed you designs and take them off the mat, throwing away the tons of tiny little spider web middles.  Then you are ready to put them in your lamp.

Remove the lamp shade from your lamp and lay out the design as you want it to appear.  If you are using words, make sure to flip them so it reads correctly once you are looking at it through the shade.  I cut some of my webs to fit along the sides of my rectangular shade as well.

This is GENIUS! Use cut outs to make spooky Halloween Spiders appear when the lamp turns on. See how easy it is do - click here!

I just used a few pieces of plain old clear scotch tape to make sure the design was well attached to the shade.  Since it is clear, you don’t have to worry about it staying behind the paper or designs.  You can just put it right over the design where ever you would like to attach it.

Reassemble your lamp and then watch as your spiders and spider webs magically appear as you turn on the lamp!

This is the coolest Halloween decoration I have seen ! Spiders appear when the lamps come on!


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