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Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter Cookie Sandwich Recipe

Trader Joe's Cookie Butter Cookie Sandwich Recipe   Have you heard of Cookie Butter? Don’t worry… I hadn’t until recently.  Well you can buy it at Trader Joe’s.  If you get there early enough that is.  It is rationed and sells out daily.  I am completely serious.  I walked in and asked for it and they said I could get my jar up in the front at customer service.  Customer service????  She laughed at me and said “Oh we can’t put it out on the self!  The first person who walks in here would buy up everything!”  So I walked up to customer service and got my allotted jar of cookie butter and headed home {let’s be honest I have two kids… it wasn’t quite that easy, but you know, for the sake of the story…} Trader Joes Cookie Butter Cookie Sandwich Recipe     So what is Cookie Butter? My friends Ashley and Summer introduced me to Cookie Butter.  There are several varieties.  You have your plain, your crunchy (a favorite!) and cocoa swirl.  If you get lucky they might even let you buy one of each.  It has the taste of sweet cookies in the texture of peanut butter.  My friend Summer invented a recipe that could quite possibly be the solution to world peace.  Well maybe not, but seriously people the Cookie Butter Cookie Sandwich is just that good.  She generously gave me permission to share this little secret with you. Trader Joes Cookie Butter Cookie Sandwich Recipe The recipe is simple.  You take two delicious chocolate chip cookies, slather them generously…  very generously… with Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter.  You can use any variety, but we all concluded that crunchy is a little extra good!  Top it with another chocolate chipper and get ready to bite into all that is good in the world. Trader Joe's Cookie Butter Cookie Sandwich Recipe Now you can really use any cookie that you think is delicious.  I used a mini version of our Copycat Panera Chocolate Chip Cookie here and it was amazing.  Now the first time I had them we used Nestle break and bake cookies fresh out of the oven and it was epic.  Homemade, store bought… it matters not.  All that matters is that they get a nice thick layer of Cookie Butter sandwiched in between them. Trader Joe's Cookie Butter Cookie Sandwich Recipe This little recipe is one fantastic way to enjoy cookie butter but I am sure that the Cookie Butter recipes are endless!  Have it on a waffle. Dip some apples in it.  Dare I suggest a sandwich?  The options are endless!  I would love to hear your ideas or favorite way to eat it if you are an old pro! Trader Joe's Cookie Butter Cookie Sandwich Recipe   If you are new here, you might want to follow us on Facebook or Pinterest.  We love sharing life changing recipes like this one and want to make sure you get to see all of the goodies we create!

Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter Cookie Sandwich Recipe
  • 1 Dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • 1 Jar Trader Joe's Cookie Butter (any varieties)
  1. Spread a thick layer (about 1 tablespoon) of cookie butter on the bottom side of a cookie.
  2. Top with a second cookie.
  3. ENJOY!


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