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Virgin Mojito Recipe

This Classic Mojito Mocktail recipe is the perfect non-alcoholic drink option for entertaining since everyone can enjoy it.  It is simple to make and your guests will love the refreshing flavor!

 A twist on this classic cocktail recipe turns it into the perfect virgin party drink!

I am in LOVE with Dasani Sparkling Waters and was lucky enough to get to partner with them to bring you this crazy delicious recipe.  You can find more fantastic drink recipes and inspiration on my Pinterest board here for you #SparklingHolidays!

I think mojitos are probably my favorite drink of all time.  The combo of the tangy lime, the hint of sweetness, the bite of carbonation and the well… pure freshness of the fresh mint is just comes together to make something almost magical.

It is a little funny that this is my all time favorite since I actually don’t care for mint flavored things.  Peppermints, overly minty gum, even (gasp) Thin Mints… Just aren’t my favorite.  But take some fresh mint and muddle it in a cold beverage and HEAVEN!  So if you aren’t a mint lover, don’t write this off.  Read on and give it a try. Your tastebuds will thank you BIG time!!

 Mojitos are my favorite! Saving this non-alcoholic version to make for our next girl's night!

Mojito’s are perfect for so many things… Parties, holiday gatherings, sitting out by the pool or even a girl’s night.  But not everyone drinks and some events perfect for a fun and refreshing drink lend themselves to an alcohol free environment like a baby shower or party with children. I decided to take the classic mojito recipe and see if I could come up with an equally amazing non-alcoholic version thinking it would be perfect for these types of things.

As I alluded to above, the absolute key to a fantastic  mojito is the fresh mint.  The flavor just can’t be replicated!  As a matter of fact when we were on vacation in Mexico they had a garden on the property where they grew the mint fresh and then used it in all sorts of drinks and beverages.  I couldn’t get enough.  If I saw it had mint… I ordered it, and it was some of the best flavor I have ever had.

 Easy virgin mojito recipe- SO DELICIOUS! Perfect for a party to have something everyone can enjoy!

Back here at home I don’t have a garden to pull it out of but have been lucky to find it in the herb section of the store.  The rest of the ingredients are simple and can be picked up in a quick trip to Walmart (Mine even does curbside grocery delivery, mothers everywhere rejoice!)

Besides the mint, you will need prepared limeaide (found in the freezer section at Walmart) and Dasani Sparkling Water.  This stuff is amazing people!  If you are like me and crave that fizz of carbonated drinks, the Dasani Sparkling Water gives you just that without all the junk!  It has no artificial sweetners, ZERO calories, no added colors, is caffeine-free and naturally flavored.  They have four flavors lemon, lime, berry, and black cherry in 12 packs of 12 oz cans, and has become my go to for everything.  (You will soon see that I am quite literal about this since my next four posts are all about more awesome drinks you can make with these sparkling waters.)

A fun way to set up a juice bar for a brunch or shower!I designed this recipe to make one 8 ounce glass of the beverage.  You can scale the recipe up proportionally for as many as you would like to serve.  So if you want 10 glasses, multiply each ingredient by 10. So for example, 5 cups of limeaide instead of 1/2 cup.

Once you have your ingredients gathered, start by tearing off your mint leaves. If you have a muddler, you can use it to muddle them in the bottom of a pitcher or glass.  If not just roughly tear them and use the blade of your knife to crush them a bit to get the juices released.  Place them in a pitcher and pour the limeaide over them.  The traditional mojito recipe uses fresh lime juice and a simple syrup (sugar water) but I think in making these for a crowd it is significantly easier to use limeaide w and the taste is every bit as good!

Top off the mixture with the Dasani Sparkling Water in lime, and gently mix to combine. I love this combo because since the lime Dasani has lots of flavor but no calories it keeps the drink much lighter than it would be otherwise, but with no sacrifice in flavor.

Non-Alcoholic Mojito Recipe - This recipe is FANTASTIC! Great idea to have this for a baby shower so everyone can enjoy a fun drink!

Fill each glass 2/3 full with ice and pour the the virgin mojito over the top.  You can make it extra pretty by garnishing with a little extra fresh mint and fresh lime!

This Classic Mojito Mocktail recipe is easier to make than you might think and SO delicious! Make a lot because your party guests will LOVE it!

Virgin Mojito Recipe
  • ½ cup limeaide
  • ½ cup lime Dasani sparkling water
  • 8-12 fresh mint leaves
  • Ice
  • Optional: Fresh lime for garnish
  1. Roughly tear up the mint leaves and use the side of the knife to crush them to release the juices, then place them in the bottom of a pitcher.
  2. Pour the limeaide and sparkling water over the mint and mix until combined.
  3. Fill glass ⅔ full with ice and pour mojito mixture over the ice.
  4. Garnish with fresh lime slices and extra mint leaves.

 Virgin Mojito recipe - perfect for entertaining so you have a non-alcoholic option everyone can enjoy!

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