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{What will it BEE?} Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Which will it BEE Gender Reveal Cupcakes - Perfect for a baby shower!

I had such a fun weekend… busy, but fun! One of the things I got to do was shower one of my sweet friends at her gender reveal baby shower. I can’t even begin to count the number of baby showers I have been to over the past few years, but of them all this was my very first gender reveal!

Of course every shower is special, but I was so surprised how moving it was to be a part of the special moment when the parents to be found out. Let’s just be honest… ever since having kids, I am really just a big ball of emotions anyway, but there might of been a tear in my eye as they found out the news and were overwhelmed with excitement!

Although I wasn’t an official hostess for the shower, I was so honored to make the cake for this special day. The theme of the shower was “What will it BEE?”… a boy or a girl…. a girl or a boy? Only the cupcakes would tell… or would they?

I decided I wanted to do something simple but fun natured and came up with the idea for doing a big yellow frosting swirl, adding a chocolate chip to transform it into a beehive and then made a swarm of bees to keep things interesting!

Which will it BEE Cupcakes - Perfect for a Bee themed birthday party or baby shower!

If you want to recreate these, I used a stiff version of this delicious buttercream with Wilton Buttercup food coloring to create the frosting swirl on top, however, you could also order plain cupcakes with a yellow frosting swirl affordably from almost any bakery and then just add your own embellishments.

To give the swirl the look of a beehive, I just added a simple chocolate chip toward the bottom and voila!  A beehive!

I picked up these cute little felt bees in the kids craft section at Joanns.  They really worked perfectly because 1.  They were super cute and not cheapy looking and 2.  They are actually stickers.  That made things just a little easier when it came to assembly.  Just a little peel and stick!

Which will it BEE Cupcakes - Perfect for a Bee themed birthday party or baby shower!

Floral wire worked perfectly to make the zig-zaggy spiral flight path for the bees swarming out of their hive.  It was easily formable but still strong enough to support the weight of the bee easily and best part, it is super affordable and readily available.  I just pulled the wire out and wound it tightly around a sharpie.  Then just pull the spiral out until it is just right for your bee.  Mine were between 6-8 inches long after I  formed them. To attach the bee peel back the backing about 1/3 and stick the wire on and then firmly press the backing back on. I flattened out the other end of the wire and pushed that end straight into the cupcake.

You can bend and manipulate the wire as you need to so that the bee is facing up and buzzing away right in the direction you want it to.

Which will it BEE Gender Reveal Cupcakes - Perfect for a baby shower!

So with the cupcakes made, the shower was on!  The hostesses had everything set up and planned perfectly.  Everyone got to wear a badge with their vote on it and my informal tally showed quite a few more boy votes floating around!  Finally, to the relief of the kiddos, and everyone who was dying to find out the secret, it was time for the cupcakes.  On three they bit into the big fat cupcake…. and then took another bite, and another… and said “IT’S YELLOW!”

They put me up to it, I promise they did!  The cupcakes were just too obvious so we filled them with yellow, and after the sweet little joke,  they got to read a book which on the last page revealed that “It’s a GIRL!”

I really was honored to be a part of such a special day.  These fun bee cupcakes ended up to fit the shower perfectly, but also would be so cute for a bee themed birthday party, traditional shower, or anything else you need a little bee buzzing around.

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  1. Chelsea Cohen says

    They were super yummy!!! Everyone loved them! Seriously perfect! Thank you! So happy you were a part of our special day ♡♥


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