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Working Out While Pregnant

I am so excited for the post today. It’s a new series for getting fit. Whether you are a mom to be, a new mom, or a slightly seasoned mama, my cousin, our guest writer today, is going to share some awesome tips to get fit! She is like my very own Rosie Pope of working out! Working out while pregnant

My name is Camille, I’m married to my loving husband and I am a proud mama to a 9 month old boy.  I am an ACSM certified personal trainer and ACE certified group fitness instructor, I LOVE food and cooking, am a HUGE fan of The Pinning Mama! And last but not least, I love seeing women I train and teach achieve their goals!

Working out while pregnant

We just passed the first official day of summer and I know all of you ladies are thinking the same thing I am…..SWIMSUITS!!!! The thought of going to try them on is terrifying whether you are pregnant, just had a baby or are even if the best shape of your life! Ashley is my cousin and had an amazing idea to start a fitness series for the summer. She thought it would be good to start with workouts you can do during pregnancy and then move on to post pregnancy workouts.  She asked me to share my love of working out and passion of helping other women become healthy with you this summer.  I am hoping that by sharing these ideas and workouts you will feel comfortable to rock that swimsuit this summer, even if you have that baby bump or a few extra pounds to lose!

So lets kick this fitness series off by starting with some great workouts that you can do during your pregnancy. I am a huge believer in a handful of DVD’s that are made for pregnant ladies. These DVD’s are safe, effective and you can do them right in your living room! I did most of these DVD’s while pregnant with Hunter and believe that they are a lot of the reason why I felt so great during my pregnancy and did not gain an excessive amount of weight. Besides these DVD’s, the best thing I can tell you to do is to get enough sleep, drink lots of water and get out and WALK!!!

There are so many pregnancy workout DVD’s out there and these may not be for you, but they are the ones I believe will keep you feeling strong throughout your pregnancy and keep you muscles healthy so you can get your body back in a healthy time frame after having your beautiful baby. Just remember that every pregnancy is different and what our bodies can handle is different. So use the options that the DVD’s give you and listen to your body but most importantly your baby!

Stay tuned for more Fitness tips!

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    I tried working out with the first one, and worked myself to death with the last one, I envy anyone who has time to work out while pregnant. I had so much more energy when I did work out, it was noticeable when I was pregnant with Addy and I was working so much and never working out.

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