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DIY Etched Wine Glasses

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How to Make Etched Wine Glasses- makes a great gift!


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Today I am excited to share with you how to make a gift that looks super fancy but {it’s our little secret} is really pretty simple to make.  I fell in love with the idea of wine glasses with Mr and Mrs etched into the glass.  I saw them on Etsy as gifts and wedding accessories, but at as much as $20 each, I knew I could easily whip these up more affordably.  It was quick, easy and adorable, so I am excited to share the step by step on how to make these adorable little Mr and Mrs etched glass wine glasses.

How to Make Etched Wine Glasses- makes a great gift!


DIY Etched Wine Glasses

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First you will want to pick out your glasses.  I used these stemless wine glasses I got at Target.  You could also pick up wine glasses at the dollar store, or even just use some pretty tumblers for a fun every day glass.  Make sure they are clean and dry.

I then used my Silhouette Design software to make Mr and Mrs in just the right size and I cut them out on vinyl.  You can download the Silhouette Studio Design software FREE even if you don’t have a machine to see how it works and start designing!  If you don’t have a cutting machine you can see how I did the same effect on my etched glass mustache mugs here earlier this year.  I used a bold and chunky font to make a statement on the glasses but you could do so many different looks with these!

I then used transfer paper to move the vinyl over to the perfect spot on the mugs and peeled off the paper leaving the vinyl.  Now, this is the trickiest part.  Since the glasses are curved, the vinyl has a tenancy to want to pull and bubble in certain spots.  You MUST make sure all of the edges are very securely and firmly adhered to the glass.  I did this by scoring it down over and over again until I finally won!!  You can’t skimp on this step or you will end up with a big, fat, mess and nothing you could gift.  So, again, make sure all of the edges of the cuts of vinyl are very firmly adhered.

How to Make Etched Wine Glasses- makes a great gift!

Next you will put a generous layer of etching cream on your vinyl.  I made sure to leave extra vinyl around the edges of my design because since the glass is rounded it has a tendency to run, so giving yourself the extra vinyl allows you to be a little lazier while you are waiting for it to etch.  As  far as etching cream goes, I used Armour Etch that I got at Hobby Lobby and have always been very happy with its results.  Once you have all of your design covered, you will want to let it sit {making sure it doesn’t run onto a non covered area} for about 10-12 minutes.  Then rinse it thoroughly under cool running water until all of the cream is rinsed away.

Peel back your vinyl and dry off your glass and you have a beautiful and professional looking result.

How to Make Etched Wine Glasses- makes a great gift!

These Mr and Mrs etched wine glasses are just one of so many cute things you could do with glass etching!  I think they would be great for an adult gift for so many occasions.  It would be a fabulous hostess gift, a fun Valentine’s day gift, and a great birthday gift for a man or woman.  It could even make a great Christmas gift for friends and neighbors!

So all I am left with to say is, “Cheers!” enjoy making this fun project!

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    • says

      I am sure you could do all sorts of fun glass projects for your kids since they are older! It is a perfect one for them to help and could have a lot of ties into science. Of course if you could go the wine glass route and keep them all for yourself!

  1. says

    Such a great project, I have done this with vases and glasses and even given them as wedding gifts. So many options when personalizing. Awesome post!

  2. Nancy says

    I love your etched glasses.What a great project. I’m bookmarking your website. Totally cool idea, and great for party gift, as the above poster said!! Thanks!!

    • says

      Thank you Nancy! I am so glad you enjoyed the project. I love these little guys and keep hoping to make a set for me, but I always end up giving them away!

    • says

      Yes you can clean them per any instructions on washing the glass. So if the glass is dishwasher safe it is fine. The dishwasher will not effect the etching at all!

  3. Barb says

    Dumb question – very new to this! So when you cut your vinyl, you basically used that to make a stencil, right? You didn’t use the actual letters you cut for anything -(or maybe another project or something). It looks like the vinyl serves as a stencil – just want to confirm that. Thanks! Very cute! Planning on doing something like this for my daughter’s sorority sisters when they move into a house next year.

    • says

      Yes you are correct! You only use the outside of the vinyl as a stencil. You could possibly use the actual letter cut outs for something else, but it can be challenging to save them and align them once you peel them off. Just make sure you push the vinyl down really firmly so that the etching cream doesn’t leak underneath!

  4. Penny says

    Great tutorial, thanks for posting. Now I’m heading back to Pinterest to correct the link! I found this linked to another site, which seriously aggravates me! Glad you put your blog tag in the pictures.

  5. Lindsey says

    CRITICAL MISSING DIRECTION (for those of us who are geometrically challenged). Be sure to put the stencil letters BACKWARDS so that when you stick the paper to the glass, it’s the correct orientation. 20 minutes of cutting with an exacto knife just to figure this out :/

    • Lindsey says

      *EDIT* Just to be extremely clear about this. The letters should be backwards if you put them on the paper side where the guide lines are (which I did as it makes it easier to be sure they are in line). Hope this helps any other hopeless blondes 😉

      CRITICAL MISSING DIRECTION (for those of us who are geometrically challenged). Be sure to put the stencil letters BACKWARDS so that when you stick the paper to the glass, it’s the correct orientation. 20 minutes of cutting with an exacto knife just to figure this out :/

      • Tambry says

        I have a side business making items like this. When using vinyl, you do not need to flip the image.

  6. melanie keller says

    Hi, I absolutely love this idea for a wedding gift, can you tell me the name of the font you used? I think its perfect!

  7. Amy says

    Love the glasses. Did you know you could save your expensive vinyl and use contact paper instead? I have done this with cheapo contact paper from the $ store and it works perfect.

    • says

      Thanks for the tip Amy! I actually used contact paper in my mustache mugs tutorial. It does work well, but depending on the level of detail I plan to etch I think vinyl can be a better option since it is a bit stickier for when there are lots of nooks and crannies!

  8. Jessica says

    Where did you get your contact paper and what kind did you get? I really want to do this for like a series of gifts this Christmas but I can’t find the contact paper anywhere.

    • says

      I buy my contact paper at the dollar tree but for this I used vinyl (bought from Silhouette) for the stencil and just used contact paper for the transfer. You can get contact paper at many places including walmart! Good luck with your project!

  9. Kristine says

    Quite possibly a dumb question…but if these are then washed a few times after usage, does the etching ever come off? Can they go into a dishwasher etc? Just want to make sure I’m telling the recipients good information! Thanks!

  10. Martha says

    I plan to do this as a gift so watched the video from the Armour Etch website. They said the etching compound only has to stay on for 60 seconds.

    • says

      I watched the videos also but I tried it that way and got much better results leaving it longer. There were more inconsistencies when I left it a shorter period of time. Hope that helps.

  11. MH says

    so do i cut out what i want then stick the transfer paper on top of the outline? i want to do my monogram but am confused bout transfering the little parts that arent ‘connected’

    • says

      You will cut the design then take out all of the parts that you want to show up to etched. You will then have connected and “not connected” parts left on the backing of the vinyl. At this point put your transfer paper onto the design and carefully peel it from the backing making sure each piece sticks to the transfer paper. You then have the non sticky side of the vinyl stuck to the transfer paper and the sticky side facing out. You can carefully take it and stick the vinyl to the glass or surface you are etching and then peel off the transfer paper. It should leave all of the parts that will be blocked from etching behind! I hope that helps!

  12. jennifer says

    Is etching cream/paste sold in colors? this may be a dumb question but……… making prom keepsakes on a budget.

  13. ShawnMarie says

    HI, I see multiple people have asked you what font you used for this but I do not see an answer. Can you please tell us?

  14. Alicia says

    i noticed on the tutorial pictures you only had transfer tape on the letters. Do you wait and weed the letters after applying to the glass? Does that make it easier to smooth the inside edges so they don’t bubble as bad on such a rounded surface, especially if using a “bigger” letter?

    Thank you.

  15. says

    Quite impressive project. After looking this kind of project, definitely I am so happy because of I am looking special gifts for my dad. I think this is a much better gift than another for my dad. Thank you so much for sharing great etch glass project with us here.


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