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{Easy Halloween Recipes} Witch’s Brew Punch and Monster Eye Cookies

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Are you hosting and ghosts, goblins or guests at your house this Halloween?  You might want to stock up on some spooky treats just in case!  We are sharing two super easy recipes today to keep you ready to terrify and delight your tastebuds.  Our Monster Eye Cookies couldn’t be easier to make with M&M’s and is a perfect compliment to our color changing Witches Brew made with 7UP and Hawaiian Punch.

We have had quite a few get togethers this Halloween.  Of course we need to bring a treat to share, but the time always seems to be in a crunch so these Monster Eye Cookies were just the thing I needed to make a cute treat with out having to invest a lot of time. All you need for these are mini chocolate sandwich cookies and M&Ms.  I bought the Mars Mixed Fun Size bag of candy so I could just use a couple of packs of M&M’s to make the cookies and then hand out the rest to trick or treaters.  You can even get a great coupon for that Halloween candy here!

Easy Halloween Snacks: Color Changing Witch's Brew and Monster Eye Cookies #shop

Once you have your cookies and M&M’s, just gently twist the cookies open and save the side with the filling attached. You can the eat, uh erm, set aside the other half of the cookie.  Take your M&M’s and push an M&M (M side down) gently into the filling.  You will want to repeat this using matching colors for pairs of eyes.  You can also get creative by making the eyes look up, down, to the side, or crossed!  Give those eyes some personality!

Easy Halloween Snacks: Color Changing Witch's Brew and Monster Eye Cookies #shop

Easy as that you have Spooky Monster Eye Cookies!  They are even spookier when served on a black plate or platter so they look like they are peering out at you through the dark!

Easy Halloween Snacks: Color Changing Witch's Brew and Monster Eye Cookies #shop

Now to add the perfect beverage for Halloween.  A color changing Witches Brew!  Your kids will marvel as their drink magically changes color right before their eyes!  There is nothing better than this fun drink to add some magic into Halloween for the kids!

To make Witches Brew you will need:

1 2-Liter bottle 7UP

1 1 Gallon bottle Hawaiian Punch

Food Coloring

Ice cube trays of different shapes and sizes

Witches Brew Printable available for free download below

Striped Straws

Once you gather everything, you will want to mix up the ingredients for your brew.  I used Toads Hearts, Lizard Tongue and Enchanted Stones!  Don’t worry, there is no need to be hunting down the creepy crawlies.  All you need is a few creative ice cube trays.  I used a heart shape for the toad’s hearts, a cylindrical shaped tray called Ice Tubes, made for making ice cubes for water bottles for the lizard tongues and a regular ice cube tray for the enchanted stones.  I picked up all the supplies for both of these recipes at Walmart.

Easy Halloween Snacks: Color Changing Witch's Brew and Monster Eye Cookies #shop

First fill the heart tray with Hawaiian Punch.  Next tint water with food coloring to make the lizard tongues and enchanted stones.  I chose green for the tongues and yellow for the stones but feel free to get creative.  Once you are done filling them stick them in the freezer.

When the ice cubes are frozen, place the ice cubes in separate glasses for each ingredient for the brew and label them with the printable labels below by attaching it to a straw.

Easy Halloween Snacks: Color Changing Witch's Brew and Monster Eye Cookies #shop

Now fill up a clear cup for each kid with 7UP about 2/3 full.  Let the kids have a ball creating the recipe for their witch’s brew by adding the ingredients!

As the ice starts to melt in the 7UP it will magically change colors.  You can let them add the ice cubes all at once or add them little by little to have a fun lesson in color mixing!  Halloween can be spooky, fun and educational too!

Easy Halloween Snacks: Color Changing Witch's Brew and Monster Eye Cookies #shop

This is a great way to have fun with your kiddos with out spending a lot of time in the kitchen!  For more frightfully fabulous Halloween ideas make sure to check out the Mars Bright Ideas website and our Halloween Pinterest board and the one below!

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Download the Witch’s Brew Labels Printable here

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  1. says

    You know those moments where you go that’s so simple that it’s genius! The cookie thing? I mean really. Why didn’t I think of that? What a great idea for eyes. I love the ice cubes. I did Rainbow ones for my daughters birthday party and they were a huge hit with the kids!

    • says

      Thanks Alex! Once I made them I kinda felt like I cheated, they were so easy! Like I should have spent WAY more effort! But they were a huge hit so I guess it is okay to take it easy when you can make something so cute!

  2. says

    I looove both of these! I am adding the color changing witches brew to our menu with mummy dogs tomorrow night. It is awesome! The Monster Eye Cookies are so much fun. Your family is so lucky to have you!

    • says

      Thank you Leandrea! I really appreciate your kind words and I hope that your family enjoys the brew as much as mine did! Thank you for stopping by!

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