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New Mom Must Haves

If you havent seen our previous posts for baby registry must haves and mom favorites, you can find them here and here. Now that we’ve covered things for baby, what about MOM?! You’ll be the sole nurturer to your new little one, so we definitely can’t forget about you!New Mom Must Haves

What do you carry around everyday and probably can’t leave the house without? A purse, right? Well, just because you’re going to be a MOM doesnt mean you can’t do it with style.

Shoulder Style BagNew Mom Must Haves

  • I think Timi and Leslie has the best in style diaper bag out there. I have owned two and loved them both. People always ask me where I got it! One time a middle aged woman asked me where I got it and when I told her it was a diaper bag from Timi and Leslie she was bummed because she was years past being done with having kids. 
  • Skip Hop bags are well made, durable and wipeable which is a huge plus.
  • Who says you have to buy an actual “diaper bag” though? Fossil has some adorable ones! Isn’t this one cute? 

Backpack Diaper BagNew Mom Must Haves

Hybrid Diaper Bag New Mom Must Haves

  • Petunia Pickle Bottom bags are the Mercedes of bags in the diaper bag world. If you have it in your budget, these are fantastic bags. They do look like a diaper bag, but they are practical, durable and adorable looking! This Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack can be worn as a purse, across your chest or as a backpack. 
  • Jujube BFF Bag is another bag that gets great reviews. They have some awesome color options too!

For the Breastfeeding MomNew Mom Must Haves

  • Kelly Mom Is a website full of information for breastfeeding moms. I cant even count how many times I have referenced this site. With my first I had major oversupply issues and stumbled on this website. It was a godsend!
  • With both my babies I needed Lansinoh Cream for a couple weeks postpartum. This cream definitely helped with the issues some woman have when they first begin nursing.  A friend suggested putting the lanolin cream on 2 weeks before baby is due to help soften up the boob area….I wanted to do this with my second, but he decided to come early. Kids, I tell ya!
  • Lansinoh Soothie Gel Pads – Talk about soothing! I would stick these in the fridge and put them on after nursing. Such a relief for a new breastfeeding mama! **TIP** Cut them in half to make them last longer.
  • Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags – I’ve used other brands that actually broke on me. Yes, I cried over spilled milk. That stuff is liquid gold so make sure you don’t go cheap on your bags!
  • Nursing Pads – Sexy, right? I’ve tried a lot and Bamboobies are the winner!
  • I got through my whole pregnancy with no stretch marks. Well, I thought I had. 2 weeks before BG was born, I was putting lotion on and I had a huge stretch mark on my thigh.  I sat down on the floor and cried harder than I’ve ever cried. Pathetic, huh?! Bio Oil is what I used to get rid of the stretch mark. It totally worked! They say you cant prevent stretch marks, but I still used cocoa butter everyday, just in case. They also say you cant get rid of stretch marks….I swear mine is totally gone, but maybe it isnt and I’m just going blind. At any rate, Im a huge Bio Oil fan.
  • Hooter Hider/ Bebe Au Lait – You’ll definitely want a nursing cover. Have you received the emails yet for the “free” nursing covers or slings? Take it from me when I say they’re horrible. Im a petite person and would probably need their size large to actually be able to hide my kid while nursing! I threw mine away and spent money on a hooter hider. I love it – It’s breathable, there’s a little pocket on the inside to throw your nursing pad, binky etc. and when you wash it you don’t have to iron it like you do the “free” one you may have already ordered!


  • Tucks and Dermoplast – Call your hospital to see what they provide. Some hospitals provide these and some do not. I did not get hemorrhoids and was still relieved (literally) to have these two items!
  • Granny panties – Yup. You won’t want to wear your fancy underwear right after. Trust me!
  • Belly Bandit – I don’t know if this truly works or not, but I do know that your 9 month pregnant belly does not miraculously shrink down to your pre-pregnancy size immediately after birth. WHY didnt anyone tell me this? I’m here to tell you that it’s jiggly, smooshy and feels like a waterbed. During your last trimester your body releases a hormone called Relastin. This hormone helps stretch out your body and get it ready for labor. It’s in your body for about 6 weeks after you have your baby. The belly bandit might just be a money maker, but it does make sense to me that wearing it would help your stomach muscles come back together. I do know that when you’re uncomfortable after birth and self conscience about your body, the Belly Bandit keeps your belly from flopping all around. If you don’t want to spend the money on this you could also just wear some spanx!

Miscellaneous New Mom Must Haves

  • Mommy Hook – For when you’re out and about and run out of space in your stroller basket. Brilliant!
  • A stroller organizer – I have the Sunshine Kids Buggy Bag. It fits my UppaBaby really well and it’s nice to throw keys, my phone and a little Starby into. I know it fits other strollers too! Another bag I’ve seen amongst friends is this Infantino Stretch Umbrella Stroller Storage. It looks like it fits many different umbrella strollers. Personally, I use the Munchkin stroller organizer for our umbrella stroller. It’s just ok. It definitely works, but sometimes I kick it and get irritated.
  • Dry shampoo, gum and chapstick

What kind of diaper bag do/did you carry?

What is/was your number 1 mom must have product?

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  1. Camille Stuckey says

    I love love love my Timi and Leslie diapers bags. I have two and they have been on the top of my list of favs since having my little boy. I love just having one bag to carry around and most people have no idea it is a diaper bag. I recently had a girlfriend buy one who does not have any kids just because she like how big it was! I love these posts Ashley, all of these things are very helpful and really do make a difference!

    • Ashley says

      Love the feedback, Camille! The next part of the series is staying fit while pregnant. I think you’ll enjoy that too! 😉

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