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Welcome to The Pinning Mama

Welcome to The Pinning Mama!  We are so excited to be officially launching our website today.  For the past two months we have been carefully brain storming ideas, designing our site, and creating some amazing content for you to browse!  Today we want to tell you our story, show you around our site a little, and let you know the kinds of things we have in store for you over the coming weeks.

Who Are We?

We are {Ashley & Kimber} two stay-at-home moms.  We love to cook, craft, create and uncover the most awesome things available for our families.  To learn more about each of us click on the Meet Us Tab at the top of the screen.

The Pinning Mama Website Tour

Why The Pinning Mama?

On the day I met Ashley I was wearing my favorite pair of capris.  I remember this fact because when we first started talking she said “I have those exact pair of capris!”  From that point on we stumbled over countless things we had in common.  From cooking to crafting, photography and graphic design, to parenting and family values, it seemed we had found our twin personality. Needless to say we were fast friends.  We have had a long standing joke that since we love to do all of these home projects, crafts, recipes, and try out all the tips and tricks we can find that “we should start a blog.”  As our friendship went on whenever one of us would do something we were especially proud of we would show it to the other and say it was for our blog.  Neither of us really thought f it as anything more than a light-hearted joke!

Over the holidays me and my kids accompanied my husband to a three month long training across the country for his work.  It was a welcome change of pace to be away from all of my daily commitments at home.  I got a lot of much needed rest, spent quality time with my kids and my husband and really enjoyed the slower pace.  Then about two weeks in I got bored and needed something to keep this busy-body from getting restless.  So I called up Ashley and said, “I am going to start our blog.  Are you in?”  She said yes, of course and thus began the whirlwind of design, writing, and preparing The Pinning Mama for this day.

We thought and brainstormed and wanted to come up with not just another blog but something that could be a unique platform for us to share with the world.  We went through at least a couple weeks of brainstorming and throwing out ideas.  We checked about 1000 possible web site names for availability and finally settled on The Pinning Mama.

We both have the same addiction to Pinterest that we know many of our friends do.  We pin day and night and yet we both laugh and ask ourselves if this stuff really works.  It would be so nice if someone would just tell me not to waste my time and delete that pin or to do this pin ASAP because it is absolutely life changing!  Thus The Pinning Mama was born.  With the addition of a few of our own ideas we try to take the “UGH!” out of those crazy, overflowing Pinterest boards.

What Can You Expect to See at The Pinning Mama?

We are currently publishing new posts 6 times per week.  Here is a glimpse of some of the many things we write about:

  • Pin Tests – All tests are rated on a scale 1-5 and our thoughts and steps to clear up any confusion on the original pin are given. Find links to all our Pin Tests in the Navigation Bar at the top.

The Pinning Mama Website Tour

  • Our Own Creations- Recipes, crafts and tutorials on photography, digital design, and home projects etc that we create ourselves. You can see all the categories we have posted on in a list on the sidebar.

The Pinning Mama Website Tour

  • Product Reviews-  Both Ashley and I have a reputation for doing crazy amounts of research for anything we are buying for the family so we want to bring some of our favorites to you
  • Giveaways- Many of the products we are reviewing have been excited to be a part of The Pinning Mama and have generously sponsored giveaways!  We will be having one giveaway a month for at least the first 6 months of the blog.  {For a sneak peek at some of the awesome things coming up look here: Carseat Sidekick, Lollacup, Ander’s Attic}. Make sure to subscribe to our e-mail list in our sidebar to get notified of our giveaways!
  • FREEBIES:  Who doesn’t like a good freebie?  We have all sorts of printables we give away for free here at our blog. Find a quick link to all of our Freebies in the navigation bar at the top.

The Pinning Mama Website Tour

  • We will also run series on topics people are interested in.  Currently we have a Meal Planning series on Monday and a News Recap for the busy Mom on Fridays.  We have series coming up on photography and cloth diapering.  Let us know if there are other things you want to see in a series!

Besides you hearing from us we would LOVE to hear from you!  If you have a pin you would like for us to test for you, submit it by clicking on the Submit A Pin tab at the top.  Also, we are always looking for Pinterest junkies to share their Pin Wins and Pin Fails with our readers so you can also use this tab to apply to be a guest blogger.


If you have any other questions, comments, concerns or the like please share them with us using our Get In Touch tab at the top of the page.

The Pinning Mama Website Tour

Where Else Can I Find The Pinning Mama?

If you are a Mom, or like to cook or craft chances are you will want to connect with us to keep up with everything we are doing!   Since we do post 6 times a week, the best way to make sure you don’t miss something that is really awesome is to connect with us though email, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or any of the other networks we are on.  You can always find the social media sites we participate in on our side bar.  You can also click on any of the icons below to follow us:



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How Can I Help The Pinning Mama Succeed?

This blog is absolutely a labor of love for Ashley and me.  If you look around and love it and want to help us take it to the next level, here are some things we would love for you to do!

  • Visit and visit often!  Look around and browse all the blog has to offer.  The lifeblood of a blog is its readers.  Let us know what you like, don’t like and want more of!
  • Leave comments!  Let us know what you think of the post.  It is very reassuring to know that there is someone out there reading and finding things helpful! We actually try very hard to respond to each and every comment.
  • Follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, InstagramGoogle+ and Twitter.  We communicate a lot about what we are doing and learn a lot about our readers though these networks.  You following helps us make our blog better!
  • Now that you follow, comment there!  Before I started blogging I never knew how much interacting with a website through social media helped them.  It helps us with everything from Google ranking, to generating more traffic, to getting better brands to partner with and bring to you!  So please don’t be shy, comment, like, and share your heart out!
  • Sign up for our e-mail list. We promise no spamming!  We anticipate approximately 3-4 emails a month from us.  They will primarily catch you up on news and posts from The Pinning Mama, announce giveaways, and give you access to subscriber only FREEBIES (and boy do we have some good ones coming up!)
  • And if you really have loved what you have seen here on our website the number one thing you can do to help is share it with your friends!  Feel free to share our page on your Facebook wall, Pin things from our site, tweet about it, or even just good old-fashioned word of mouth.  We love it all!

Thank you for reading.  We are excited for you to join us on this journey!

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    • Kimber says

      Thanks Kayla! It is really sweet of you to say those things! We hope you find something you like on the site!

  1. Bridie says

    So excited for you both!! You are always impressing me with your awesomeness so I’m looking forward to reading about it all on here! Yay!

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