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10+ Creative Ideas for a Candy Free Easter Basket

Hi there!! Alicia here from Sew What Alicia. I am so excited to be here sharing some fun and creative ideas for a candy free Easter basket. My kids aren’t really into candy, which I think is fantastic, but that means I have to be creative when it comes time to celebrate the holidays that are candy heavy. There are tons of Easter candies but if you don’t want to do candy then your options aren’t as obvious. Here are some creative ideas for a candy free Easter basket.

10+ Creative Ideas for a Candy Free Easter Basket |

10+ Creative Ideas for a Candy Free Easter Basket

No matter the age there are so many fun Easter gifts that you can use to fill your kids Easter basket. Pick a theme or central idea and then build on it. But most importantly get creative!! The kids will love waking up to their basket full of amazing and creative gifts!

10+ Creative Ideas for a Candy Free Easter Basket |

Coloring Pages/Bookmarks – Coloring books, pages, and even bookmarks are perfect for letting the kids be creative and giving them something fun to do. Grab the bookmarks pictured above HERE.

Markers – Washable and color wonder markers are great for the younger kiddos. Sharpies and hand lettering pens are awesome for the older ones!

Easter Quilt <—Get the tutorial for the quilt pictured above. Or just purchase a fun lap quilt that goes with the overall theme or color scheme of your basket.

10+ Creative Ideas for a Candy Free Easter Basket |

Sidewalk Chalk – Neon, glow in the dark, stencils, and more. Who doesn’t love to play with sidewalk chalk ever now and then?

Stuffed Bunny <— Click to see how I made this bunny. Or grab an adorable bunny form the store and use it as a focal point in your basket.

Bubbles – Bubble guns, bubble wands, and fun shaped bubble blowers are all great ideas for your Easter baskets.

Craft Kits – You can get pre made  kits (linked here) or grab individual supplies like washi tape, scrapbook paper, stamps, scissors, stickers, etc. These are sure to spark their creative brain!

10+ Creative Ideas for a Candy Free Easter Basket |

Legos– They have a Lego set for everything nowadays. Grab Duplos for the little ones, Disney, princess, Batman, or Star Wars. Pick a theme and go with it!

Playdoh– This is another great creativity inspiring basket filler. They have so many really cool Playdoh accessories. Or keep it simple with just a few colors of Playdoh!

Books – No matter what age you can find a plethora of good books. My kids love to read and a new book always gets them excited!

Games – Spot It (pictured above) is one of my families favorite games. Even my 4 year old gets into the action and does a pretty good job! But any game is a great basket stuffer. My kids also love a game called Pass the Pigs, it always has them rolling with laughter! Grab a few age appropriate games and the kids will love it!

Coloring Kit – If you search pretty much any popular movie or theme you are going to find a cool coloring/art kit. Kids of all ages love to color and they will love the cute kits that come with stickers and other goodies!

You could pick a theme for your entire basket like Trolls and then get something in each of these categories from the theme. Grab a trolls book, Playdoh set, and game. Then find some printable Trolls coloring sheets and throw in a few fun extras for a really fun Easter basket that is sure to please!

Thanks for letting me share these Candy Free Easter Basket Ideas with you! You can find me over on Sew What Alicia sharing sewing tutorials and other great fabric projects and tips.

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