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Cookies ‘n Cream Parfait

This cookies n cream parfait is a no bake treat that is as easy as it is delicious!  Who knew it was so simple to make a dessert so beautiful!

My new favorite dessert. I'm obsessed. Cookies n Cream parfait recipe via

If you didn’t know this about me, I kind of love chocolate pudding.  Follow my thought process, if you will…  Eating pudding is kind of like eating ice cream, except you can get it fat free/ sugar free and it is filled with milk, and milk is healthy— so with this logic I consider anything I make with this magical pudding a “healthy” dessert!

When it starts getting warmer outside I think one of my favorite things to do is make up new parfaits.  I say it is for the blog, but really it might just be an excuse to eat more delicious things!  Parfaits are easy to make since they only require a few ingredients that I usually have on hand, and they look super impressive which means it is definitely a recipe to pull out if you have company coming over.  I am even going to show you my trick for getting it all layered in there perfectly and mess free!

Cookies N Cream Parfait Recipe

Wow! This is so easy to make and looks delicious! Cookies n Cream Parfait via

Grab a nice short tumbler from your cabinet.  The basic idea here is to take the glass and layer pudding, cookies n cream Cool Whip and cookie crumbs.  Put on repeat and you have a masterpiece.

Start by making the pudding according to the box instructions.  Like I mentioned earlier, I like to get the Jello Instant Fat Free Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding.  You don’t have to sacrifice flavor for going light on this one and it is super easy to prep. Just mix and chill!

Next prep the cool whip by adding in one row of crushed Oreo cookies.  You can see my favorite easy trick for making cookie crumbs here.  Feel free to use fat free Cool Whip also to keep it a little lighter.  Fold in the cookie crumbs until they are evenly combined.

Cookies n Cream whip. So easy... so good! recipe via

Next take two sandwich sized ziplock bags and fill one with your pudding and one with your Cool Whip Mixture.  Cut a small section off of the tip of one of the bottom corners and then squeeze the bag to gently fill the bottom layer with pudding and the second layer with cool whip.

Easy trick to creating perfectly layered desserts!! via

For the third layer add cookie crumbs on top of the cool whip with a spoon.

TIP: To make the layers look nice and even on the outside of the glass make sure the edge of each layer is spread out and touching the glass all around the edges.  This will result in the prettiest parfait layers.

Repeat pudding, Cool Whip, Oreo crumbs until you fill your glass.  I like to sprinkle some more crumbs or a few mini chocolate chips on top and then stick a whole (or half) Oreo cookie in to garnish it.

See?  Easy peasy!  You can let it chill or eat it right away.  My favorite is chilled because I love it when the crumbs kinda melt into the pudding.  Mmmmmmm…

******Scroll to the bottom for the FULL printable Cookies and Cream Parfait recipe******

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Cookies ‘n Cream Parfait
  • 1 2.1 oz package fat free sugar free instant chocolate pudding, prepared per package directions
  • 1 package Oreo cookies, made into crumbs reserving one cookie for the top of each parfait
  • 1 8 oz container Lite Cool Whip
  1. Make pudding per package directions and let set.
  2. Mix ½ cookie crumbs into Cool Whip.
  3. Fill a Ziploc bag with pudding and cut off a small section of one corner.
  4. Squeeze an even layer of pudding on the bottom of the cup.
  5. Fill a bag with Cool Whip mixture and make a layer on top of the pudding.
  6. Use a spoon to evenly spread cookie crumbs for the third layer.
  7. Repeat this layering process until you are to the top of the glass.
  8. Top with a dollop of Cool Whip and a whole Oreo cookie.

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