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10+ Gift Ideas Teachers will Really LOVE

10+ Smarter Gift Ideas Teachers will LOVE! – Are you looking to take your teacher gift skills to the next level? Look no further, here are some gift ideas that teachers will LOVE!

10+ Smarter Gift Ideas Teachers will Love! |

I watch my kids teachers trudge into school in the morning carrying loads of shopping bags loaded up with folders and papers. Do your favorite teacher a favor and grab them this Initial Canvas Tote to help! Use this tote to make a fun gift bag with some of the other great gift ideas down below.

10+ Smarter Gifts Ideas Teachers will Love: Initial Canvas Tote |

Put the coffee mug down…no seriously it’s not like they are going to have time to sit down and have a hot cup of coffee anyway am I right? I have heard so many teachers say that they get a ton of coffee mugs anyway so let’s go for something original! This Savvy Infusion Water Bottle will help teacher stay hydrated and add that nummy fruit taste in the process! It is quick and easy to add fruit in the morning and will keep teacher drinking yummy water all day!

10+ Smarter Gift Ideas Teachers will Love: Savvy Infusion Water Bottle |

This cute Personalized Classroom Rules print will save teacher from having to rewrite the rules year after year! And it is just fun to look at am I right? The kids will love to read the rules with this cute print!

10+ Smarter Gift Ideas Teachers will Love: Personalized Classroom Rules |

Ok this one is a win win for everyone because I can’t tell you how many books we have “stolen” because I cannot keep it straight! What book is mine and what is the teacher’s? I honestly have no idea! So here ya go teach…use this Teacher Classroom Label to claim those books!

10+ Smarter Gift Ideas Teachers will Love: Teacher Classroom Label |

At the end of the year, teachers are just as excited for some R&R as the kids are!  Print out this free “Your Work is Done, Now Have Some FUN! ”  teacher gift tag and attach it to a cute beach towel and a magazine and some sunscreen!

Gifts for Teachers



This Color Me Inspired coloring book would make a great gift for teacher! Coloring is so relaxing, and there are some great prints in here that teacher could copy for the kiddos to color too!! This book has inspirational quotes and cute trendy images to color and is hand drawn by a great friend of mine!

10+ Smarter Gift Ideas Teachers will Love: Color Me Inspired |

How much time do teachers spend indoors…a lot right? Bring the outside in with this Air Plant. Very low maintenance and great for anyone even if they don’t have a green thumb! (Take it from me… I kept one of these alive and I kill EVERYTHING!!) Go ahead grab a few for teacher’s indoor classroom garden, it will be fun for the kids too!

10+ Smarter Gift Ideas Teachers will Love: Air Plant |

Nobody is busier than a teacher. Help teacher with eat a balanced meal with this fun Bento Box. This one even has bento lunch ideas!!! A bento box is a great way to pack a healthy and fun lunch! Have you ever seen some of the cute Bento box lunches on Instagram…seriously you should go look, people do some really creative things!

10+ Smarter Gift Ideas Teachers will Love: Bento Box |

If your child’s teacher loves to have a cup handy, then this could be the perfect DIY gift!  Grab an acrylic tumbler then use this “You Quench My Thirst for Knowledge” free printable for teacher appreciation, along with some drink mix singles to make a fun and personal gift!

{Teacher Appreciation Gift} and Printable by

Candy is not an original gift, but pretty much everyone loves candy right? Spruce up your gift with these Teacher Appreciation Stickers just to add that little something special to the gift!

10+ Smarter Gift Ideas Teachers will Love: Teacher Appreciation Stickers |

Help teacher get a laugh with this F for Effort: the Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers book. They will always know it could be worse!! These wrong test answers are hilarious and clever and they are sure to give plenty of entertainment!

10+ Smarter Gift Ideas Teachers will Love: F for Effort Book|

Help teacher take better care of herself with this Burt’s Bees Tips N Toes Hands & Feet kit! This little kit has everything teacher will need to feel pampered and well taken care of.

10+ Smarter Gift Ideas Teachers will Love |

What will you get for teacher this year?? Share your ideas in the comments.


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