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Pin Test: Organize by Filing Your Drawers

I have used Pinterest in so many ways. My main way is to find recipes. I have made some pretty darn good meals because of my beloved Pinterest! I have also found tons of new ways to get organized. You’ve heard me say before in this post about organization that “Lets Get Organized” was my very first board. Over the next few weeks I’ll show you the brilliant tips I’ve found and implemented in my home to help clean up our space. Lets start with this…

Do you find yourself just shoving clothes into your drawers because you’re either in a rush or because you just don’t care? It’s ok! I used to do that too. Until now. I saw a pin where it said to file your clothes. The voice in my head said “WHAT?! That’s just silly…..” And then it hit me. I had to try it.

Here are my drawers before and after – don’t judge!

I was able to go from 2 drawers for pajamas to one! I’m sure the mister will love that! My clothes take up the whole dresser except for one. You know, so that he can have a spot to put his unmentionables. The things we do for love. Wife of the year right here. 😉

Organize Drawers by Filing Your Clothes by Organize Drawers by Filing Your Clothes by www.thepinningmama.comHere’s another drawer that holds all my tank tops and t-shirts. I mean, wow. Just wow. Organize Drawers by Filing Your Clothes by
You know what I realized after filing this drawer full of tank tops and t-shirts? I have a lot of white shirts! How vanilla am I? As you can see, I am a huge fan of doing this. Not only do I feel more organized, but I am finding things that I forgot I had. It is so much easier to see all of your clothes because the items aren’t just piled on top of each other!

How much did I like this project? Depending on how your drawers are, you may not call this a project. Regardless, your drawers will look so good once you start filing your clothes, towels etc. I will definitely be doing my kids drawers and my kitchen towel drawers. Winning!

Unexpected Happenings? I have a lot of white shirts. And I need to go shopping for more clothes.

Overall Rating 1-5: 5

Organize Drawers by Filing Your Clothes by

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  1. Katie says

    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely be giving this a try because there is nothing worse that digging through the stacks in a drawer just to mess up all the nicely folded clothes! Keep the organizational posts coming! :)


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