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5 Outdoor Games for Kids

Day 2- Kids Summer Fun {Ideas & Activities}

5 outdoor Games for Kids by Stay Fit Mom

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Love this! A new idea for kids fun activity every day for a month!! This will make long summer days SO much fun!

Summertime is the best time for outdoor BBQ’s, swimming, and games.  I want to share with you my favorite outdoor games for kids-Heck, these games are fun for adults!  Gather up a few supplies, friends, and family, and head to the park for some outdoor fun!

5 super simple and FUN games for kids to play outdoors this summer! This will keep the kids entertained for HOURS!

Hi, I’m Krista. By day I’m an elementary P.E. teacher, by night I’m a blogger over at Stay Fit Mom.  I don’t know about you, but P.E. was my favorite part of the day back in elementary and middle school.  That’s probably the main reason I became a P.E. teacher myself.  I want to share with you the best of the best outdoor games for kids you can easily setup for BBQ’s, parties, holiday’s, or just because.
These are the top 5 outdoor games your kids will love! Head to a nearby park with a few pieces of equipment for some outdoor physical activity for the whole family!

1. Noodle Tag  Cut a couple of pool noodles in half.  Pick a few people to be the taggers, they hold the noodles.  On go, the taggers try and tag everyone else by hitting them with the pool noodle.  The best part about this game is swinging the noodles with everything you’ve got at your friends.  Don’t worry, no one will get hurt with these harmless noodles.  Once the taggers have tagged everyone, pick new players to be it.

2. Monster in the Middle Pick one player to be the monster and stand in the middle of the playing area.  All other players must stand on the sideline.  On go, all players must cross the playing area to the other side without getting tagged by the monster.  If they are tagged by the monster, they become a monster for the next round as well.  Each round the number of monsters in the middle will increase.  Play until the monsters tag everyone.

3. Relay Race Divide your players up evenly and line them up behind a cone or some designated starting point.  If possible give each team an object to race with.  A pool noodle, dodge ball, or stick will suffice, but the weirder, the better.  Some examples are a car tire, giant cardboard box, or a large stability ball.  On go, the first person in line must travel to the other cone and back.  You can also get creative here.  Have players run, skip, hop, bear crawl, crab walk…the possibilities are endless.  Once the player returns the object is given to the next player in line.  Once all players have taken a turn they are finished.  The first team finished wins.

4. Bumblebee Tag This is my fancy name for dodgeball.  Give a few players a soft gator skin ball, they are the bumblebees.  On go, they must race to tag everyone else by touching them with the ball or throwing it at them.  The players fleeing from the bumblebees cannot touch or pickup dodgeballs.  Once the bumblebees have tagged everyone new bumblebees are picked.

5. Tail Tag Designate a large playing area using cones or anything else you may have.  Divide players up into teams of 2-3.  Each team gets a tail to share.  The first player wears the tail in their belt loop, back pocket or tucked in the top of their pants.  Scarves or bandanas work best as tails.  On go, the players with the tails run and try to pull other’s tails out.  If their tail is pulled, they must take it to the next player on the team.  The best part about this game is that it never ends! Play until your kids are red in the face and then play some more!

Thank you to Kimber for letting Stay Fit Mom share our fun outdoor games for kids with you all at The Pinning Mama!

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Love this! A new idea for kids fun activity every day for a month!! This will make long summer days SO much fun!

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