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Stocking Stuffers & Small Gifts for a Baby

A collection of the best stocking stuffer and small gift ideas for baby!  Put together by a mom of 3, these gifts are perfect for babies that are 1 month old all the way up to 12 months old!  For more great stocking stuffers for the whole family see these posts from some other great bloggers:

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Great gift ideas for baby! Perfect for stocking stuffers, Christmas, and other celebrations! Includes gifts for : newborn baby to 12 month old baby

With the sweet new edition to our family I have been thinking a lot about baby and what they play with and need at what age.  We have most of the necessities, but since Christmas is coming I knew it was time to put together a list of what to get everyone, especially baby!  I thought I would share some ideas I had after raising 3 kids for some of the best, most useful, or just plain fun ideas for stocking stuffers and small gifts for Christmas or anytime!  I broke it down by age so you can find something for your little one whether they are 1 month, 6 months, 9 months or anywhere in between!

Gift ideas for a Newborn, 1 month old and 2 month old baby

Newborn babies are the sweetest most precious things in the world.  But they also don’t do much other than eat, sleep, and well… you know! So it can be hard to know what a good or useful gift for this age can be.  The ideas below are perfect gift ideas for a baby that is newborn, 1 month, or 2 months old.

Great gift ideas for a newborn baby, 1 month old baby and 2 month old baby! Perfect for stocking stuffers, Christmas or birthdays!

Carseat Sidekick – This is the best car seat accessory that helps mom as much as baby!  It holds the straps of the seat back as you put baby in and out of the seat so it is just like an extra pair of hands for mom, and baby doesn’t have to be uncomfortable sitting on lumpy clasps as they are put in the seat.

Rubber Duck Bath Thermometer– Another gift that is fun for baby and can grow with them as a toy, also helps mom and dad know what the temp of the bath water is so it isn’t too hot or cold for baby.

Sleep Sheep– All of my kids have loved having white noise and it has been a tremendous help as they have learned to sleep.  This adorable little sheep is cuddly and will give you white noise anywhere you go as baby needs to nap.

Calming Vibrations Cuddle Soother – This is another great soother!  The vibrations of the toy can help to soothe fussy babies and keep happy babies smiling!

Tag Along Chimes – These are a fun little toy you can hang from a stroller or car seat to entertain baby with bright colors and fun sounds as you stroll around.

Sensory Giraffe– This little toy is great as each leg of the giraffe has a different toy to engage different senses on baby.  It can attach to strollers, car seats, high chairs, etc and is something baby will play with for many months ahead.

Gift ideas for a 3 month old, 4 month old and 5 month old baby

Three, four and five month old babies are so much more awake, alert and ready to play!  This is a really fun time to start introducing toys to them that stimulate their senses and start their learning adventure!  They are also just starting the stage where EVERYTHING goes in their mouth and some teeth might even start to pop in so many of the great gift ideas center around that also.

Great gift ideas for a 3 month old baby, 4 month old baby and 5 month old baby! Perfect for stocking stuffers, Christmas or birthdays!

Sophie the Giraffe – This is a great toy as baby starts to explore the world around them and put everything in their mouths!  It engages many senses and is super soft on the gums as it is chewed on.

Icy Bite Hard/Soft Teething Keys– Once those baby teeth start to work their way in you might want something soothing like this teething toy you can freeze to give relief to baby’s sore gums.  As a bonus it rattles and has bright colors to make it extra fun!

Baby Gum Massagers – Many of these gifts are centered around teething and for good reason!  These months are filled with baby’s preteething and the baby teeth beginning to pop through.  Babies are very oral at this stage and really enjoy things that help them through teething.

Ring Rattle – The bold colors on this rattle help the baby focus and on the toy especially in the earlier months.  It is easy to grip and the exact one that all of my kids loved playing with!

Hand/Foot Rattles – These little toys attach to baby’s hands and feet and make a fun rattling noise as they move.  It is a really fun way for baby to explore their movement.

Carseat/ Stroller Take-Along Arch – As baby is getting older and becoming more alert they may love this take-along arch full of fun interactive toys that they can play with.  This is especially great for moms who love to go on walks or runs with the stroller or if baby is hanging out in their car seat for awhile like when you are at a restaurant.

Gift ideas for a 6 month, 7 month old and 8 month old baby

At six, seven and eight months, baby is aware of the world around them and loves engaging with it.  The toys become increasingly interactive at this age and really start to teach baby basic fundamental building blocks for motor skills and language!  Also, baby will most likely be getting introduced to solid foods around this point so make sure you have the basics for baby meal time!

Great gift ideas for a 6 month old baby, 7 month old baby and 8 month old baby! Perfect for stocking stuffers, Christmas or birthdays!

 My Pal Scout – This is a fun and super interactive toy.  It is one that will start with your child at this age and grow with them with great learning potential at all ages!

Mesh Feeder– This is the age where your little one will start solid foods.  I loved these mesh feeders that allowed me to give my little ones tastes of all sorts of things we were eating without fear of choking.  Also, you can freeze fruits or put ice cubes inside for fussy teething babies to soothe their sore gums.

White Hot Infant Safety Spoons – Also as you start to feed babies solids these spoons will come in very handy!  Not only are they sized for baby’s little mouth, but they also change colors to let you know if the food is too hot or just right.

Tiny Diner Portable Placemat – When you are on the go this portable placemat is a lifesaver to put down to put down anywhere you might stop for a quick meal.

Stack & Roll Cups – At this age baby also starts to really enjoy more toys and these stacking cups are a classic for learning about everything from stacking to nesting to colors and numbers!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Around this age is when we started reading in our bedtime routine with our kids.  The very hungry caterpillar was always one of our favorites!

Gift ideas for a 9 month, 10 month old and 11 month old baby

If your baby isn’t already a little mover chances are they will be soon!  The gifts ideas for the nine, ten, and eleven month old are all about moving, and exploring!  Everything from learning about family, to learning to brush teeth can be a new adventure for baby at this age!

Great gift ideas for a 9 month old baby, 10 month old baby and 11 month old baby! Perfect for stocking stuffers, Christmas or birthdays!

Baby Photo Album – This is a fun way to help baby know all the faces in their family, and is especially nice to have when some relatives live far away.  You can fill it with pictures of grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles and cousins!

Training Toothbrush – With all those teeth that popped in over the past few months, now is the perfect time to introduce baby to brushing their teeth and this little training toothbrush is perfect for that!

Touch n Crawl Tiger – At this time, baby is most likely on the move!  So toys like this little tiger that encourages movement are extra fun for baby.

4 Piece Baby Band– My kids always loved making music (or noise) of any kind.  This fun little 4 piece band is fun, but still small enough to be perfect for a stocking stuffer.

Shape Sorter – This classic toy is inexpensive and always a winner.  This is the perfect age to introduce it and as they grow they will learn shapes and matching!

Goodnight Moon – Another of our favorite books!  Goodnight moon is one that is perfect for little ones and even my older ones still love!

Hopefully we got you covered on great stocking stuffer and gift ideas for your baby no matter what they age!  There are so many fun things for baby to, play and explore at this age that this is only the tip of the iceberg.  If you have other great ideas please leave them in the comments!

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